Basic Plot Ideas (W.I.P)

These are basic story lines with fillers necessary to create a full plot!

1. Slow burn enemies to lovers to enemies to... etc.
-This basic plot line can be enmeshed in fantasy, supernatural or realistic themes ranging from rival kingdoms, insurgents vs current government, witch vs werewolf (or other combination of 'monsters')
-Our characters could be mortal enemies, rivals, bickering and bantering classmates or colleges who just don't get along.
-Some event or series of events would occur that would force our characters to need to work closer together and begin to settle their differences.
-This genre truly focuses on our characters morals, values, ethics and beliefs being pushed to their absolute limits
-This is one of my favourite plot lines to incorporate into any story (just a BTW).

2. Basic Plot Lines for Courtney Jackson
- Courtney is looking for any reason to get under her father's skin - especially bringing home someone he wouldn't approve of. Whether the feelings were true or not, she continually has bad taste in partners. Perhaps one day she brings someone home with ulterior motives - aware of her lineage, inheritance, and father's business. Will Courtney finds out she's being used ? Perhaps this so called someone ends up developing real feelings and conflict begins to brew.

3. Basic Plot Lines for Aspen Locke
- Aspen has run into the wrong crowd, perhaps your character pulls her in deeper... perhaps they're the only thing that can bring her out? *Supernatural elements would make this bare bones idea dope*

4. Basic Plot Lines for Eden Montgomery
- After moving back into a small town from the large city, Eden is constantly running into old faces, when a new face appears, the infatuation begins. Perhaps this person has other plans, having followed Eden and her family back from the city linked to her father's shoddy business, trouble brews for the Montgomery's.

-Old faces, same names, a completely new Eden. She's come back home a changed person from the way she holds herself to her looks, she's blossomed. Coming home means facing problems that she left behind, rivals whose hatred only grew and old flames, who perhaps spark anew?

5. Basic Plot Lines for Bloom Taylor
-After a strange accident Bloom finds herself in an alternate universe, with magic and monsters and magical abilities beyond her belief. She's always taken care of others, will she be able to take care of herself as an intense power threatens to consume her?

Random Plot Lines:
*Note* All of these are subject to change after discussion, these ideas are just random thoughts I had. I will always love your input to further adapt or manipulate these plots - perhaps into something entirely new.

- The Mermaid and her Best Friend
(Based of a cute little doodle I saw)
A mermaid and young girl met when they were little, the mermaid saving the young girl from drowning after falling into the water. When the young girls parents found her, they thanked the little mermaid so grateful for the life she’d saved. As the two grew older, they did everything together, until one day the the little girl didn’t come back - forced to move far away from the sea after a tragic accident took both her parents. Many years later the two reunite. Will an old friendship rekindle, or will resentment brew?
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