Levi is the former ruler of Makai, of which he conquered during the turf warring ages. With a deceptive appearance that one could easily mistake for being mortal, this apparition rose to prominence through countless underhanded means and exploits. Under his command, remnants of his ancient clansmen pooled their scientific knowledge to birth the all-powerful Project T, of which Levi offered a sampling of his own genetics. In addition to fathering Twelve in a sense, Levi also spurred on major events involving several members of Black's band, including the young hybrid himself. Knife's execution, Serene's imprisonment, the extinction of Crow's clan who once battled him for supremacy are all but a taste of his lasting impact. Most notably, he was partly responsible for unleashing Ravage and Pearl into the land, beings so powerful that not even he could contest or have any hope of controlling. The King of Hell, otherwise known as Leviathan, also conspired with Levi during Black's early years as the youth was discovered to share both human and demon blood, which Levi greatly detested. To protect his honor as ruler, Levi ordered that both of Black's parents be executed, but in truth, a battle with the all-powerful Serene was not something that Levi wished to occur. At the time, in addition to her sheer might as a sorceress, Serene held both a divine contract as well as a contract with the devil. With divine contracts, the wielder is granted the greatest of divine protection, allowing for ruin to immediately befall those who would so much as plot against the bearer whilst the devil's contract grants misfortune to those that claim the bearer's life. With limited options, Levi sought a breach in contract with Leviathan seeing as he would have no hope of swaying deities, the arch nemesis of his ilk. Though this falls cleanly under 'plotting' Levi's means of masking his intent to this day remain a mystery. It is possible that Leviathan's influence on Serene had overruled her divine contractor as evidenced by her having already begun to demonize with Oni esque horns. Black commonly mistook these horns as her attempting to 'blend' and win favor with demons but in actuality, it was independent of her will. Another possibility is that due to this change in her appearance, she may have been secretly aborted by her divine contractor and deemed a lost cause. With the breach in her devil's contract, however, Levi still did not risk confrontation with Serene, instead deciding to lure and trap her in the Realm of the Forgotten, a sacred land that The Divine Hierarchy forbade entry. It was teased by Lulu, a native of the land, that Serene was unfaithful to Black's father, and was lured here by Levi's 'charm' but no proof of this ever surfaced. Ultimately, due to the dangers that setting foot on this plane posed, Serene's divine contract was officially stripped from her and she was imprisoned with no means of escape. Her original magic, Acasuality, which enables her to control whether she exists over multiple timelines and move to and from them at will was also rendered useless as the concept of time itself did not exist in this land. Leviathan, who was freed from Hell as payment for his hand in this, also decided to settle here with his mate, Aeikya, and start the Oni tribe whilst Levi returned to Makai without a hitch. After eventually falling to Black's crew, Levi's soul was infused into Black's own for a time but upon the latter's death at the hands of Lucil, he regained his original form and resurfaced in Hell.


Dominion. His only known ability allows him to bend reality to his whim.
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