Plots and ideas.

* you've got a new tutor (for whatever reason, we can flesh it out more)
supreme, awesome, except there's something off about him and you can't quite tell what it is. maybe for starters, he's rich and tutoring?

* Bruce Wayne is throwing another charity party, fundraising event at the Wayne manor. for whatever reason, you get in, ID provided (fake or real) and end up bumping head-on to some college looking student carrying a box of cereal, headed up to his room, sneaking out.

* you kidnap him or he kidnaps you. we can figure out why, but this is an easy medium.

* you find him cripplingly sick, sitting at the bus stop. you decide to go and talk to him and ask him if he can even make it home. he answers with a 'yes' but doesn't want to get into it, you help him to your house anyway. a night passes where he sleeps on your couch and in the morning, he's ushering to leave. there's just something super sketch about this guy. he's shaking around, barley able to stand, trying to leave?

* stolen diary. he leaves a journal he vents in (gladly with no real sign he's Red Robin, maybe you could figure it out if you took a week or two off to decode it) at the coffee shop and you're set on getting it back to him. you only skimmed a few pages but from what you could tell, he's extremely stressed, depressed, and a huge f***ing nerd. who writes about quantum physics in their vent journal?

* city wide black out. Red Robin helps you home, seeing as you're the only civilian out this late on foot. pretty simple

* y/c is drugged and Red Robin helps you home.

* with Halloween coming up, so are the Masquerade balls/costume parties. Tim has always had a more mischievous side to him akin to Jason, so he heads out in a Red Robin outfit.
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