✦ Rules ✦

⇰ if you add me, message me first. it's just common courtesy

⇰ i'm open to all genres, but i prefer to stick with romance and fantasy elements. that doesn't count me out from everything else, but you better have a good plot to get me into it

⇰ if you don't have common courtesy for when i cannot provide immediate responses, then expect to be removed. i'm busy and i participate in many activities and i'm a student! i need time to attend to my life just as you do for yours

⇰ if you cannot write on average between 2-3 paragraphs, please do not add me. i don't want to indulge in under descriptive and unsatisfying roleplays anymore

⇰ please be literate and have some proper grammar and spelling!! i know that this post isn't the perfect example of my writing capabilities, but for the blog aesthetic it's lowercase

⇰ i am open to writing er*t*c roleplays so long as they have a plot and meaning, no exceptions

⇰ no guys!! seriously, i don't know how many times i need to say and stress this, but i mean it

⇰ sometimes i just lose interest in plots. it can be in a new one, or an old one, but i'll probably let you know when i stop having an interest in what we're writing
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1 | Oct 17th 2020 20:22