Borderlands OC

Name: Drako Slate
Nickname: "Heavy Metal" (Depends on the roleplay)

Age: Mid-20's to Early-30's
Gender: Male
Race: Genetically-Modified Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown (Normal), White (When connected with his suit), Blood Red (When angered)
Skin Color: Porcelain, almost pale
Height: 5'7"-5'8" (Without Suit), 8 to 10 Feet Tall (With Suit)
Weight: 160'lbs (Without Suit), 1 Ton/2000 Pounds (With Suit)
Appearance of Character:

Personality: Following his birth and childhood abduction, fear and anguish were the only thing Drako knew exclusively from the Hyperion Company. However, it didn't break him, it only made him strive to free himself of their torment. After he was experimented on, he developed unstable anger issues, along with a tough, cold, and ruthless demeanor. Underneath it all, Drako is a man who is good-natured, upbeat, and full of compassion. Especially towards his allies and those he holds dear to him, like Lilith. Ever since Roland's Death, he was the only one who could ever truly comfort her. Drako is extremely loyal and protective of her, in any case. He is frequently teased for his nature around Lilith.
Occupation: Hyperion Slave (Formerly, during childhood and young adult years) Vault Hunter (Currently), Member of the Crimson Raiders (Currently)
Home: Pandora, Sanctuary

Relatives: Unknown, deceased
Pets: None
Allies: Lilith, Roland, Mordecai, Brick, Moxxi, and the other denizens of Sanctuary
Love Interest: Lilith "The Firehawk" Cashlin
Enemies: Hyperion, Handsome Jack, and anyone who is a threat to him and his loved ones

Likes: Combat Training, Vault Hunting, Lilith, the rest of the raiders, rainy weather, and experimenting with his battle suit
Dislikes: Hyperion, Handsome Jack, bandits, cold weather, and alcohol

Weapons: Drako tends to favor his highly-advanced battle suit, which can form any kind of weapon that is comprehendible. His most used weapons consists of a large Plasma Railgun and assorted Plasma-Based Weapons, Claws, Swords, Axes, and Chains. However, while out of the suit, he is highly skilled with Sub-Machine Guns, Repeating Pistols, and Elemental Weapons (Shock and Explosive). He is also extremely skilled in Hand-to-Hand Combat, thanks to his modified physically abilities and extensive training.


Quotes: "Who ever said metal wasn't heavy?"
Drako never knew his parents or any other relatives.
Has a $200,000,000 Bounty on his head and is wanted for Conspiracy, Theft, Murder, and Possession of Hyperion Property.
His favorite color is Red
Claims to have secretly designed his suit, behind Hyperion's back, and with the use of their technology.
Is in love with Lilith, but never mentions it to anyone.
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