Name: Grei
Nicknames: None
Age: 18-21 (depends on RP session)
Height: 5’10”
D.O.B: ???
Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Relationship: Open

Bio: Grei is an anthropomorphic cat girl, She’s quite shy but can be more outgoing with the right people. She’s always looking for something to do as she’s always just around and not too talkative with many. In this life all she looks for is someone who understands her and can make her happy from the shut out life she walks a path down.

Likes: Keeping to herself, Drawing, Gaming, Staying home, Exercising and parkour, Rock and metal music, Going to concerts, Going out at night, Thinking about what’s to come in the future

Dislikes: Talking with new people, Trying new things.
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