Keres Firesse

◤Basic Info◢
《 Full Name 》Keres Firesse
《 Nickname(s) 》
《 Age 》Varies
《 Birthday 》May 31st
《 Gender 》Female
《 Sexual Orientation 》Lesbian, Demi-Sexual
《 Ethnic Background 》British
《 Species/Race 》Demi-Godess

◤Physical Characteristics◢
《 Figure 》Petite
《 Height 》5’3”
《 Weight 》117 Ibs
《 Hair Color 》Brown
《 Hair Style》Long and loose
《 Eye Color 》Green
《 Scars 》None
《 Tattoos/Piercings 》Earrings
《 Accessories 》None
《 Meta Capabilities (if any) 》TBA
《 Extra 》When using any form of her capabilities, her eyes will turn black, and when she experiences negative emotions her reflections will look back at her as a more sinister version of herself

《 General Summary 》Keres is a personal person. She likes to keep things to herself that she doesn't need to share, but she'll open up to the right people. There are very few people that she expresses a genuinely warm personality around, but it has more to do with her upbringing than her own choices to be introverted and closed off.
《 Likes 》Reading, reptiles, painting, drawing, murder
《 Dislikes 》Being completely alone, getting told no, spending time with her parents
《 Habits 》Murder
《 Fears 》That she'll be alone without anyone (friends or romantic interests) that genuinely care about her forever

◤Physical and Mental Health◢
《 General Health 》
《 Smoker? 》No
《 Drinker? 》Socially
《 Drug User? 》No
《 Extra 》
《 Maturity 》Mature when necessary, otherwise childish
《 Mental Illnesses 》None that are diagnosable, however, her lineage makes her psychotic with killer impulses
《 Thinker or Action Taker? 》Both
《 Extra 》Impulsive and psychopathic

《 Family 》
Allerick ➺ Father, strained relationship
Saorise ➺ Mother, strained relationship
Brina ➺ Identical twin sister, strained relationship (previously close)
Relgath ➺ Goddess of Underworld/Mother, no relationship
《 Friends 》
Naga ➺ Pet demon snake
Achyls ➺ Demoness friend
Tsillah ➺ Demoness friend
《 Enemies 》Anyone that crosses her
《 Extra 》Keres has an all-black snake, Naga, that was a gift for her 18th birthday. It is from one of the rings of hell and is a demonic entity that she can vaguely communicate via emotions or direct commands. The snake started at the size of a small garden snake but is now roughly the size of a female green python (15 feet).

➺ Keres's parents knew what she would be before she was born. With an infertile father, they turned to ulterior motives in order to have children and produce heirs to the throne. As a result, before she was conceived a bargain was made to deliver her to the underworld as an heir to an otherworldly throne while her twin would assume the throne in their kingdom. Knowing she would grow up with more sinister tendencies and be destined to leave them, her parents ostracized her from a young age and pushed her apart from her twin sister, who she previously had a close relationship with, resulting in a bitter and cynical young woman.

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