Let it slide? Never ever

He will never accept the fact he found someone that stronger than him, a person that just came from Earth and steal his image.
For his pride he wants revenge and to do that he asked Jackil and Dess to help him to find out the truth. His brothers are too much jerks to help him.
They are now in front of Lindemann's house to wait something strange.
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1 | Oct 17th 2020 13:25
Wangling "There is not a professor in that school that is decent?"

"She didn't attack. He would have remembered the bite of a Dobermann, look at this." WuXin gently places her hands around her mouth and shows her teeth.
"Why should I date someone with small treasures or bad performances? You need to know first." He doesn't think so but if it convinces Mort... XD

"Eo, let's not waste time. We'll make it fast. Ani, I'll try to make it fast." XD
WENCH °Yeah but also the most balanced wouldn't go if he dies.
I am 18 years old why? Well... I've never met a decent teacher there.
I am sure he would remember a bite like that but she seems to dislike him. But he is from earth and you two from Xhuanghen. Did you meet on Earth and he kicked the dog or something?°
Tormented Mort. "Professor Lirish is adorable! A fairy, simply enchanting!" And of course she won't date him but Johnny :v
"Isn't that 'make it fast' a quite negative advertising, though?" He wishes he could join them, but he is several years older!! That he knows.
"You are underaged too..." He won't risk to bring Maxime to a room to have some fun while they wait.
"Maybe the dog just dislikes people from Earth? Or Lindemann has a dog?"
Wangling "I didn't kick or mistreat any dog, for some reason they are always that way with me." How annoyed he is.
"I didn't notice she was..." He can only think about WonPil, no wonder.
"See you in no less than a hour. I'll be hungry when done."

"She has never been aggressive towards other dogs though. She Is really well behaved, I don't know what's wrong with him for her."
WENCH °Well yes I am underage but I think I am not understanding.
Yeah she is not that bad at the end.
Why would they act that way in front of you? How strange. You are really particular.
You will really take a room you two? Are you serious?°