Why? - More Solid Headcanonning

This one is less ha ha funny meme and more just what solidifies my BEN and why.

BEN only is attracted to people who hate him.
Plus : Why is BEN so sadistic?

- The reasoning for this is, I believe BEN only likes people/things that make him feel like he's punishing himself for the things that have happened to him.

' I do not like corruption. I do not like CNC.
I do not like degradation or humiliation.
I just like punishing myself for the horror of what has happened to me.
I like to be treated gently and treat others gently. But it's not in my nature.'

Realistically, he doesn't talk like a chad on the internet as I type him out.

- His real way of speaking when he's not f***ing around is extremely literate and almost old-fashioned.

Human FC?

- I have none for him, I've only worked out one once and it was he :
(I have another but he doesn't have enough on him)
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