-The Rules (read before adding me)-

-This is a drama-free zone, as expected as such, if you complain about non-issues, such as people removing you or blocking you, people who don't roleplay with you when you don't interact with them either, all of those will be a guarantee to be removed from the list,

-i will not tolerate bullying either, slander, treats and other stuffs, roleplaying is a hobby and we all cannot get along, and guess what? it's normal, each people are different.

-Spam isn't okay either, if i deny your request once, don't send me another, that will not change my mind at all, so does messages, comments and stuffs,

-i will not RPing outside of Roleplay.Me, roleplaying outside of this site is out of question, this site is made for the purposes of RPing and will stay as my main focus.

-I usually set a limit of one week for interactions, like if i don't hear from you from a longer period than one week and i don't hear a word from you, you might be removed.

-I am selective on who i add and accept due to personnal experiences with OOC drama, if i don't accept your request, don't take it personnally, i have my reasons.

-Shipping happens throught chemistry, if you are only here for romance and smut, please, seek for someone else, thank you.

-I don't do romance RPs with minors, it's only between adults and throught the developpment of the story, it's not negociable as well.

-If you force me to match your lenghts, which is impossible because english isn't my first language and i hate to be pushed in general, then i wouldn't consider setting any RPs with anyone who do that, i will do it at my pace and that will stay that way.
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2 | Sep 16th 2020 19:24