Real Name: Margaret Nearl

Codename: Nearl

Species: Kuranta

Age: 32 (Unverified)

Birthday: April 23rd

Height: 171cm / 5'6

Weight: 69kg / ~140lbs

Place of Birth: Kazimiers

Eye Colour: Gold
Kuranta Features:

- Tail Length: Not measured

- Tail Sensitivity: medium
Health Statistics:

- Oripathy Infection: Positive

- Cell-Originium Assimilation: Unknown

- Blood Originium-Crystal Density: Unknown

- Prognosis: Unknown

- Oripathy-spread: Unknown

Shining seems adamant on not disclosing the Records about Nearl's health to public access
Combat Statistics:

- Combat Experience: 5 Years

- Physical Strength: Excellent

- Mobility: Excellent

- Psychological Endurance: Excellent

- Tactical Planning: Excellent

- Combat Skill: Excellent

- Originium Adaptability: Excellent

- Healing Arts: Nearl has potent Abilities in the ways of Healing Arts and can mend many wounds, thought more focused on small to medium wounds. Fatal wounds she can reduce, but not completely heal.

Personality :

Nearl is a very proud yet also compassionate soul. Her Pride is directed towards her goodwill and faith in serving the best interests of Rhodes Island, ensuring that she does not mutate into an arrogant troublemaker.

Nearl has a very firm stance on the old ways of Honor, which is why she is so distained with what Kazimiers has become. She is very vocally displeased by how far the title "Knight of Kazimiers" has fallen.

Nearl is engaging and always ready to fight at the forefront, neglecting her well being at the express benefit of those she protects.

Additional Information:

- Nearl was, at some point, one of the most important and influential figures within Kazimiers and held a distinguished rank that only she possessed, making her unique amongst other Knights. However, once she got infected with Oripathy, the Knights exiled her and stripped her off of all titles.

- Nearl's natural charisma has lead many to believe that her Arts also has an inspiring effect to help everyone continue fight even after being tired and wounded. In truth, that's just her social skill and courage.

- Nearl's Combat Experience may seem low, but it is very deceptive as she has been without question one of the best knights Kazimiers knew and she has even been responsible for training some of the other ones.
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