Real Name: Liz

Codename: Nightingale

Species: Sarkaz

Age: 24 (Unverified)

Birthday: May 4th

Height: 164 / 5'3

Weight: 59kg / ~120lbs

Place of Birth: Kazdel

Eye Colour: Blue
Sarkaz Features:

- Tail Length: Short (Not measured)

- Tail Sensitivity: none

- Horn Count: 2

- Horn Length: 15cm / 5.91 Inches
Health Statistics:

- Oripathy Infection: Positive

- Cell-Originium Assimilation: 9%

- Blood Originium-Crystal Density: 0.41u/L

- Prognosis: Very bad

- Oripathy-spread: Very Rapid
Combat Statistics:

- Combat Experience: 1 Year

- Physical Strength: Flawed

- Mobility: Flawed

- Psychological Endurance: Flawed

- Tactical Planning: Normal

- Combat Skill: Normal

- Originium Adaptability: Outstanding

- Healing Arts: Nightingale is an expert in the ways of Healing Arts and can mend any wound, from small cuts and burns to severe cases like torn Limbs, thought to re-attach a Limb she needs the detached part present.

- Protection against Arts: Nightingale has an outstanding Ability to give her allies protection against other people's Arts or any Magic for the matter. While her protection is much more potent than Shining's, it does not protect at all against Physical attacks.

Personality :

Nightingale is quite calm and timid, always collected and aware of her choices. That is, when it's really her.

Despite suffering from a serious case of Dissociative Identity Disorder, every present personality of Nightingale wants to help others and heal the wounded, be it friend or foe.

Nightingale will always seek out to be as active as she can as she longs to have a place she can be proud of, people that love her as more than just a lab experiment.

Additional Information:

- Nightingale's Oripathy is one of the most severe seen in the known Operators of Arknights. She has several instances of lackluster motoric functions and sometimes, one limb or the other even goes numb for a short while. Her decline in motoric functions is only going to increase.

- Nightingale shows clear signs of experimenting done to her. Damage based on harmful chemical trails has been found and she has lapses in her memory that are far too specific and A-typical to be based on Amnesia.

- Nightingale has a very unstable set of emotions. Joy, fear, anger, despair, indifference. Her responses to literally anything are sporatic and unpredictable.
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