Stained, Brutal Calamity


Name: Calamitas

Age: Unknown, likely very old

Gender: Female

Species: Terrarian Mage

Occupation: Jungle Tyrant Yharim's strongest enforcer

Personality: (WIP) Calamitas is a creature of opposites, since she used her magic for the first time she has been fighting herself over what is right and what she must do. Her fractured mind makes her dangerously aggressive in battle, though strangely nonchalant in her speech and mannerisms almost as if she is disassociated from the world around her. Only when put into a situation that is truly threatening to her will Calamitas's true colors show. She will go from aloof and calm to enraged until finally she seemingly accepts her defeat and possible death. Calamitas has been cursed with being unable to fully die, her body will be reformed due to the magic of her lord and her soul will be forced back into its ever more warped vessel, which is likely a reason why she doesn't take her defeat too hard. Rather it seems that Calamitas is hopeful of one day being freed from the control of her master and considers most people too weak to stand up against him, that is why she becomes angry as battles against her goes on. Instead of rage due to losing she feels rage due to feeling a glimmer of hope of one day being freed, a hope that she knows is pointless.

Calamitas often debates with herself as to what she should do, those eavesdropping on her will sometimes hear her arguing with herself in hushed tones. It's best not to eavesdrop for too long though, because if she discovers that she is being watched she won't hesitate to retaliate if she thinks they heard something they shouldn't. Even when Calamitas isn't verbally arguing with herself she has a tell to show she's conflicted, if she is wringing her hands and staring intently at nothing chances are she's trying to figure something out.

Calamitas despises her current situation though due to her curse she is unable to fight against her master. That doesn’t stop her feelings of disdain towards Yharim. In fact, she hates everything to do with the jungle tyrant including his other enforcers. Despite having to work together with them on occasion Calamitas wouldn’t hesitate to strike any of them down especially the cocky worm known as the Devourer of Gods partly due to his pleasure of serving Yharim and partly due to how he teases her, calling her kid and other demeaning titles, every second he gets. The only servant of Yharim that Calamitas doesn’t wish constant death upon is the jungle dragon Yharon as Yharon had imprinted on Yharim when he hatched and loves his master. Despite everything Calamitas can’t fault the dragon for his imprinted loyalty.

Bio: (I'ma just post her official lore entry since that's all we really know.)
Calamitas' true name is unknown. She was born in a mountainous region to a family of extremely skilled mages whose destructive powers rivaled those of demigods. They taught her how to master the vehement and volatile natures of dark magic, without giving in to the negative emotions that these powers can inflict upon the wielder. "The dark is within all of us, but when gazing into darkness the darkness also gazes into you," her father told her, quoting a famous philosopher. However, one morning, after a particularly heated clash with a rivaling faction, Calamitas woke up to find her parents and siblings dead, hung on crucifixes by an angry mob. Filled with hatred and rage, Calamitas forgot what her parents had taught her, and brought devastation upon the mob, burning them with hellfire and teleporting them to the underworld to be tortured for eternity. Calamitas, defeated and sobbing, retreated to her now-vacant cave carved out in the mountainside, taking to practicing the magic of necromancy in order to revive her parents and 2 brothers.

After her success in bringing back her siblings she heard an ethereal and almost-mesmerizing voice telling her to seek refuge in the Jungle. Following this, Calamitas wandered toward the Jungle, entranced by some unknown force. She found her way into the Jungle Temple, where Yharim, the man who had spoken to her, resided. He had felt her mastery over the arcane due to her immense and manic outburst of destructive power. He eventually recruited her into his army after several long and persuasive talks over what truly matters in their world. When Amidias refused to help Yharim in a ritual, to awaken a slumbering god, Yharim had Calamitas incinerate the oceans as her first mission, thus causing the Desert Scourge to go on a rampage.

But, somewhere deep down in her psyche, the good in Calamitas still existed. Weeks passed, each day she argued more and more with herself over what was necessary to achieve a goal, and ultimately began distrusting Yharim. One day, Calamitas met with Yharim and attempted to convince him that his logic is flawed. Yharim heard none of it, and sent her immediately out of his throne room. That very same day, Calamitas betrayed Yharim by unleashing the ancient Golem using one of the ancient Power Cells. The Golem rampaged through the temple, distracting Yharim and his soldiers. Calamitas used this time to sneak up to Yharim's throne and procured a few documents containing some helpful information on Yharim's most valiant opponents, Braelor and Statis.

When Yharim and his men obliterated the Golem he cursed Calamitas for her betrayal. Due to her being a fair distance away the curse had a lessened impact on her, but it still managed to worm its way into her mind. Over time the curse slowly drove her mad, and ultimately she ended up returning to Yharim's side after the deaths of Braelor and Statis. Yharim has since removed the curse in exchange for her infallible servitude and unimaginable cruelty towards his opponents.​

Current Residence: Unknown

Weaponry: Her magic

Abilities: I'll be honest, Calamitas is over powered. She's supposed to be an incredibly difficult bullet hell boss. A lot of these abilities are just flat out insane and would be god moding in a roleplay so I'm going to tweak them here.

-Calamitas is capable of both walking and flight, being able to both at rather high speeds in the air. Being head butt or tackled by her would certainly break a few ribs.

-Calamitas uses brimstone magic which is essentially a combination of fire and dark magic, her flames which can be formed into whips, blades, and projectiles both burn her foes and their souls as well which is probably extra painful.

-Being a witch Calamitas is good at hexing her opponents which can weaken them both physically and mentally.

Physical Enhancements: Not being able to permanently die is a pretty major enhancement, Calamitas is also incredibly hardy able to take much more damage than her relatively unassuming huamnoid appearance would suggest.

Weaknesses: Calamitas doesn't have many physical weaknesses, she can be defeated with enough damage but it will take a while. Her real weaknesses are psychological, the death's of her family, her dark magic, her brother's botched necromancy, Yharim's mind control and manipulation, the curse inflicted in her eye, and her general paranoia makes Calamitas's primary weaknesses mental ones. She's has a fragile pscyhe and breaking it even more than it already is could certainly make her easier to defeat. Or it could just piss her off more.

Theme Song: (this techincally is the theme song for the weaker version of her, but I personally like it more.)

Quote: "Don't get me wrong, I like pain too, but you're just ridiculous."
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