The Nothingness

Name: The nothingness

Nicknames: nothing

D.o.b: unknown

Age: looks 21( real age is unknown)

Gender: male

Sexuality: bisexual

Species / race: ( one I made up so ask me questions about it) haft Void and haft anit void

Language: speaks English but can also speak other languages he needs to

Family: three other brothers and a father

Height: 6'5ft

Weight: 160lbs

Hair: curly Dark gray hair

Eyes: both eyes can change different colors ( this will be later explained)

Physical description: most of his body is mostly skinny but around his facial area he has a scar across both his eyes

Clothing / equipment: the clothes that he wears is always a light gray zip-up jacket with a dark gray T-shirt with dark gray jeans. The equipment he carry is weapons but this will be explained in a bit later.

Personality / attitude: he nice, kind, a bit of a scaredy cat to fight sometimes and is a bit lazy

Skill/talents: his skill is mostly coming from extreme combat, sword fighting, knowing different types of languages and extreme knowledge of other things. His talents are able to build and survive off of most things

Likes: he likes make others good and stop any evil hat best he can

Dislikes: those that want to do harm on others or on himself

Strengths: he is easily can manipulate most people into his doing and not scared to fight anyone in his path

Weaknesses: I can be harm by a made metal witch is called matter steel witch can hurt him and his other brothers also his father as well.

Fears: he is afraid of his father power

Powers/abilities: his powers are a bit out the window but there's eight different colors that allows for his right eye to change color depending on the situation or whenever he's fighting. There 8 different colors that his eye can change to


that's most of his powers most of his abilities were mention of it before like sword fighting and extreme combat. The weapon he use is his two handed or one handed sword But the sword itself is made out of matter steel and only he himself can willed and he also has a scythe which can open portals to other universes to either pull or walkthrough to those universes of his liking and again this weapon can be summoned at will to his liking and the last weapon he has that he can summon is his bow witch he is super accurate at.
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