Rules and Stuff

[1] - Multi paragraphs or Novella. Though a couple paragraphs is fine mid RP.

[2] - NSFW/Smut. Happy to write, though I don't like straight up ERP there has to be something else going on or at least somewhat of a build up. Otherwise it gets boring quick unless you're like crazy good? If so amaze me.

[3] - If you add me I expect you to message me within a day or so. I will do the same if I add you

[4] - I don't collect friends. If you add me I expect us to start getting a RP ready, if not then I will delete you. Once we have a RP underway I will check in if you take longer than a week to respond , if you don't respond after the prompt for another week I will likely delete (Unless you have warned me of your absence on your own page or by message.) But if you come back and wish to add me again, by all means. No hard feelings we all have lives.

[5] - I will make characters per RP, I may add some I come up with to my blog if I really like them and they will be open for others to RP with too.

[6] - Be over 18.

[7] - I'm open to playing any gender. I'm also not bothered about the gender of the person I'm roleplaying with. I'm Bi/Pan not that its any ones business, but there you go.

[8] - I only really do MxM and MxF. I'm just no good at FxF, apologies. I'm also happy playing sub/dom or versatile. So whatever floats your boat.

[9] - I'm a pretty open guy. Tell me whats up and I'll do the same to you. If I'm not feeling the RP anymore I'll tell you. I might ask you if we can change it up or if you can be more detailed. You can also ask the same of me. However if I ask you to change/ be more detailed and you don't do it or just fall into the same issue a few posts after then I will unfriend or block you. You can do the same to me no hard feelings. (I say this but I'll probably be pretty lenient.)

[10] - Further in terms of themes not much is off the table. But if something is triggering for you let me know and we'll stay clear of it.
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