Modern Fantasy

Name- Emma Nights
Age- 16 to 24
Height- 5'2
Weight- 100pounds
Race- Haft Elfs

Bio-1: born to love family, With a loveing human mother and very caring Elven father. She was well taken care oof, Spoiled, She showed that she was able to Cast Magic at a early age, but she found it to hard to learn, Making her a bit soft and scared of failing. She does not try hard at things, If it comes easy to her she will try if not she gives up

Bio-2: Born to loveing Family, with a Elven Mother and loving Human father, her Father passed away when she was very young, her gift for magic came in early, she used her powers to make a packet with a unknown enteri to give her greater Magical power, she has become a very powerful witch.

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