Ameila Cooper

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Unknown to the rest of the world the government began taking prisoners and doing cruel experiments to them, resulting in creating mutant like beings. Believing they could use this to their advantage they inserted controlling devices into these experimental mutants and released them onto the world to try to combat overpopulation. The government ended up losing control over the mutants. It isnt exactly clear if the control devices malfunctioned, got knocked out or where removed by the mutants. After losing control of the mutants the government crippled and a apocalypse arose.

Amelia was just 18 years old when she became a live-in Nanny for the Wagner family.

The apocalypse hit when she was 19 years old. Mr & Mrs Wagner, their two children and Amelia all took shelter in the fallout shelter Mr Wagner's father had build. They lived there and survived there for a year while Mrs Wagner was pregnant with her third child. Amelia delivered the child but due to complications Mrs Wagner died. A year later Mr Wagner, his three children and Amelia where made aware of a fallout that was taking survivors. They made their way to the shelter, they where attacked leaving the only survivors to be Amelia and the youngest child, a girl named Ryann. Amelia and Ryann made it to the shelter, a small town covered into a safe haven by a man who called himself Vex. Amelia and Ryann spent four years with other survivors and Vex in their own home. Amelia started referring to Ryann as her daughter, and as she grew she made sure Ryann knew about her late siblings and her parents. One night the safe zone was broken into by the mutants, a lot of the residents died and Amelia almost lost her life fighting to keep Ryann safe. Ryann was taken by the mutants. Vex spent the next few days taking care of Amelia and the last few surviving residents until they all where healthy again. Vex, having made a connection to Ryann as her uncle went out to find Ryann, leaving Amelia in charge of his safe haven. The last few residents did not believe in Amelia's ability to keep them safe and they all left, leaving only her to defend the small town. Amelia would spend her days taking care of the small town as well as adventuring into other towns for supplies, sending out messages over the CV radio to other survivors. Vex has stopped giving updated with his radio to Amelia. It has now been a year since her herd from Vex and is now 26 years. Ryan would be 5 years old now.
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