October Knight

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October is the 3rd youngest child of Anan Tod and the older twin of Snow Knight. She was born from a vampire human hybrid and a demon wolf.

Right away October knew that her rule in life was to serve in the army of the Karikyo kingdom and become a general for Esylin. October and her sister Snow was shipped off to Karikiyo kingdom, the kingdom that belonged to Anan's childhood sweetheart Zith.

October joined and excelled in the Karikiyo Army and soon met a boy who excelled in it as well. Siler and October soon became engaged with the permission of king Zith of course.

Nearing their wedding day everything was fine until word came to October that Siler was cheating. Pursuing this rumor she found it to be true and changed for the worse. October called off the wedding.

October then went missing leaving her sister to take on the rule as queen of Esylin. In her time missing October became a drunk and was very evil. She lured men to their deaths by seducing them.

After it became apparent that October's actions where a problem for the Knight family Snow went out on one of the biggest adventures of her life to find her sister. She did so and brought her back just in time to see Snow get married off to one of Ziths descendants.
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