Snow Versina-Knight

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Snow is the youngest child of Anan Tod and Jay Knight. She was always a sweet girl who had an addiction to sweets. She never had any desire to be queen or hold any position in Esylin. Snow read way to many books about true love. Snow was quite found if finding her true love to the point that she begged her mother to give her an arranged marriage.

Anan sent word to the Karikiyo kingdom who agreed to shelter her until they found a descendant of Zith worthy for her love. After years of waiting she found her liking in one of the descendants who seemed to like her back.

Together they went on an adventure that deepened their love to find Snows sister. After getting home from their adventure they had a week to get married.

On the day of the wedding as they where leaving the Chapel a spell claimed her new husband that made him stab her with a spear through the chest. Not being human it was going to be a lot harder to kill her and in self defense she killed him. If she hadn't he would of killed her.

After healing Snow was heart broken and scared killing what she thought was the love of her life. Surprisingly October became very helpful in the situation helping her sister heal and helping her prepare for becoming queen of Esylin.

Snow, now queen of Esylin looks for caster of the spell that triggered her love to harm her and sheilds her heart from anyone not being able to trust others.
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