p l o t i d e a s ⌫

p l o t i d e a s ⌫

▹ 1. Soul Mates◃

An AU where soul mates can feel each other's pain. Muse A and B are roommates. Muse A hits their shin off the corner of the table and Muse B hisses in pain. They then find out they're soul mates.

▹ 2. Bounty Hunter x Prince ◃

Muse A, an bounty hunter finds a bug ransom on a man named (Muse B's Name) he finds this as a opportunity and excepts. Muse A tracks Muse B in a carriage and breaks it down, then he finds out its a prince from another land, he looks at the bounty and it mentions nothing about him being a Prince, instead of killing the Prince he kidnaps his and holds him up agents his will. Will Muse B escaped? Will Muse A get answers?

▹ 3. Partners in Crime ◃

Muse A and B are partners in crime, they've been good friends for a very long time. But one day they were given a task to infiltrate a huge and dangerous company. They need to get their loyalty to be successful. Muse A and B will receive a promising reward in return. Being known as the best criminals in town, the two of them agreed. However, it came to a point where Muse A got caught and was taken hostage and tortured. Muse B was then taken to that place, because they both got in at the same time, they were being suspected as spies. Muse B is tasked to kill Muse A in front of them to prove his loyalty.

▹ 4. Blood so Sweet ◃

Like they're lovers and person A have a ridiculously delicious blood and person B who's a vampire tries to resist his thirst whenever he sees his lover. But then, whenever the two of them kiss, person B always bites person A's tongue and make it bleed, resulting for person B to drink blood straight from his mouth.

▹ 5. Class Project ◃

Muse A and Muse B are college students that attend a same class together. Muse A and Muse B have never gotten along. Muse A thinks Muse B is a cheating slacker and Muse B thinks Muse A is a stuck-up teacher’s pet. Muse A and Muse B are paired together for a class project that is due in a month. Muse A ends up doing most of the work since Muse B never shows up to help. Fed up with their lazy partner, Muse A tells Muse B that if they don’t help them finish it, Muse A is going to tell their teacher Muse B didn’t help. Muse B finally and reluctantly shows up at Muse A’s dorm room to work on the project. Muse A and Muse B end up fighting over every little thing. Their anger quickly brews into heated passion and Muse A and Muse B soon find themselves ripping off their clothes, taking out their frustrations by means of pleasure.

▹ 6. Dominate Me ◃

Muse A is a kinky boy . He always hide the fact that he likes to be dominated . (He is a total M) He always imagine himself dominated by his crush Muse B . Muse B is same year as Muse A . Muse B is a total badboy , skipping class whenever he does not feel like going to class . But he has pretty good grades so the teachers never said anything . (He is a S but he also have his warm side) One day , Muse B found Muse A masturbating while moaning his name . What will Muse B do ? (This is gonna be filled with smut .

▹ 7. Bully ◃

Musa A is the badass of the school. He likes to boss people around and acts like he own the place. Even the teachers are scared of him, almost everyone is…expect Muse B. One day, their paths collide when Muse A is bullying Muse B’s friend. Muse B stands up for his friend and in the process catches Muse A’s eyes. What Will Muse A do to Make Muse B his? Will Muse B accepts his proposal?

▹ 8. Beach House ◃

A group of friends decide to rent a beach house together for one month of summer. Due to a terrible thunderstorm on the day that everyone is supposed to arrive, only Muse A and Muse B show up on the first afternoon. Weather conditions become so poor that the roads are closed and the rest of their friends aren’t able to make it until the storm clears up. One their own for the first weekend, they bond, exploring the house, cooking together, talking until morning, and eventually giving into a strong physical attraction between them the night before everyone else arrives. What will Muse A do when he find out that Muse B is dating one of the friends in the group that hasn’t arrived yet? Will be pretend nothing happen and go their separate way, or will this become an affair?

▹ 9. Personal Whore◃

Olden times AU where alphas are the most respected in society and omegas are only peasants or whores: Omega!Character A has a special or magical power that grants them the opportunity to go before the King. They use perfumes and a false sense of confidence to mask the fact that they are an omega and stand before the King to show them the power they hold. They could get away with it and have to fight to keep their species unknown, or the people in the court could find out that A is an omega and laugh them out (or make them a personal whore).

▹ 10. Assistant in need of Assistance ◃

Muse B is Muse A’s assistant. Being an omega working in an office building can be difficult, but with lots of heat and scent suppressants, Muse B seems to manage. Muse A seems to like Muse B enough, and when he is invited to come along on Muse A’s vacation, he’s thrilled. Of course, he knows that it’s only for work, but he can’t help being excited. When they land, Muse B tries his best to stay attentive to Muse A’s needs, but he’s so amazed by the scenery that he finds himself constantly distracted. Noticing this, Muse A sends Muse B off to do his own thing so that he can get some peace and quiet alone time. Muse B, of course, doesn’t protest, and immediately heads off to explore. After a long day of fun, and lots of drinking, Muse B finds himself stumbling back to his shared suite with Muse A, where he climbs into bed on top of the sleeping alpha. Will Muse A sleep with the innocent and drunk Muse B, or will he resist his urges? Will Muse A mark his assistant? What happens if Muse B ends up pregnant with Muse A’s child?

▹ 11. Possession ◃

Muse A can either lead a normal life, or an underground life. Either way, they have an admirer. Muse B wants Muse A to be his at any cost. If blood needs to be shed it will. It doesn't matter what he has to do. One day, he hatches a plan that will end up with Muse A in his basement, unable to leave and under his possession.

▹ 11. Possession ◃

Muse B lives alone, far from civilization. He's very rich but chooses not to have servants so that he can still have some dignity by doing things himself.
Muse A can be one of two things for this plot.
1) A normal guy who got kicked out of his house by his girlfriend or boyfriend. He's made his way out here and comes to the house. Muse B will offer him a place to stay.
2) He's a criminal on the run from the cops and when he gets there Muse B will manipulate him by threatening to turn him in.
Muse B will soon turn Muse A into his little pet, claiming he's always wanted one. He can even make Muse A be like a dog if he wanted. Either way, Muse A is a pet now.

▹ 12. Hostage ◃

Muse A is a police officer that is well respected in the force, in fact, he is a high ranking officer despite of his young age. But what people don't know.. is that Muse A, has a hidden obsession. He's been obsessed with a certain criminal since his first day on the job, some may call him petty, but this criminal was, for him. 'The one that got away.' On one of his days off he gets a chance to capture Muse B, but instead of reporting Muse B to the Station like he should have, he decided to capture and keep the criminal in his home instead.

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