Harley Quinn

Legal Name: Harleen Quinzel
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unsure about that
Birth Place: Gotham city
Bio: Harleen Frances Quinzel was born in Gotham general hospital on halloween night of 1999. Even at a young age Harleen showed sings of Brilliance. She was a straight A student all threw out elmentary. Junior high was a almost the exact same story. In this time Harleen started to study psychology and the effects of insanity. She also grew an intrest in The Joker and his mental health. In high school she went deep into her research and graduated a whole year before she needed to. One of the reasons was she wanted to get to college faster and she wasnt very good at any social activities. In college she majored in Psychology. Her knowledge and obsession with the joker grew. She graduated college at only 20, and started interning at Arkham asylum to continue her studies on mental health. She some how got to question the joker and found out why he went crazy. He told her he wasnt crazy, and he fell in a pool of wierd chemicals 7 years ago. Harleen went to Ace Chemicals and took a 20 foot leap into the same chemicals joker had, she felt exhilarated and confident. She ditched her Archaic name for something more original 'Harley Quinn'.
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