Prison story

WARNING: Dark themes, sexual themes, talk of drugs, alcohol, swearing, etc. Be warned before starting this roleplay.

Name: Aria Saki

Age: 18

Height: 5’

Hair: Blonde, reaches her waist

Eyes: Blue

Personality: Shy, caring, sensitive, motherly, affectionate, kind hearted.

Occupation: None

Significant markings: None

Piercings: Left nose stud

Sexuality: Straight

About: Aria is a young girl who lost her father when she was only 10 years old, and left her to be taken into full custody by her drug addict mother who sold her own body for drugs and money. Aria grew up watching her mother sleep with horrible men, being homeless, staying in trailer parks, and anything else in between. Aria is a sweet girl, shy and quiet, and she always did what her mother wanted. That was until one night when Aria was 18 and still living with her when one of her dealers came over and her mother had no money, so he offered the dealer Aria in exchange. Aria however realized when a man entered her room attempting to violate her, and struck him with a nearby lamp, shattering it on his skull as she got away. The man ended up succumbing to his injuries and died in the hospital later that night. Distraught by what her daughter had done, Aria’s mother completely turned on Aria, saying she murdered the man in cold blood, and no one believed a drug addict’s daughter when she said he was trying to violate her. She was sentenced to 3 years in a minimum security prison for manslaughter, breaking Aria’s spirit, and her trust for anyone ever again.

About the prison: The minimum security prison Aria is sent to is where they have a mixed gender population. There are dorms with 20 bunk beds in each dorm where the inmates sleep. There are also male and female bathrooms where they can bathe and go to the bathroom. The door to the dorm is always opened between the hours of 7am and 7pm, so they can freely roam the halls of the prison and enter the courtyard in order to socialize and get to know other prisoners.
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