⧽ Keeps a journal where he writes poems, jots down thoughts, notes, lists. Journal is locked up in a small safe along with a couple other 'special items'.

⧽ Robert enjoys the rain. He thinks it's the earth being depressed and so the earth is crying out in pain.

⧽ Sometimes, Robert will randomly tear up. His mind wanders into the past. How fxcked his life is. He deeply misses everyone that he has lost and it shows. Despite his desperate attempts to 'move on'.

⧽ Robert has low self esteem from years of continuous bullying and getting beat on. He doesn't exactly know how to take a compliment seriously.

⧽ Despite his many flaws, Robert loves. He loves hard. And with every ounce of his being. If you are his friend, he will be there to support through everything and anything without expecting anything in return.

⧽ Robert is easily distracted and lacks focus on most things. Unless he truly cares about the subject in question, getting him to pay attention is nearly impossible.

⧽ HATES MORNINGS. Unless there's coffee involved. Coffee makes the world go round.

⧽ Has a knife collection that he keeps in pristine condition. Will be highly angered if they are touched without his permission.

⧽ Robert thinks women are just weird. He's not attracted to them AT ALL. They usually end up annoying the hell out of him one way or another.

⧽ Robert is GAY. VERY GAY. He wasn't open about it at first, and fought like hell to hide it. Until he got into a relationship with Evan. Evan helped him to come out and be okay with himself. Of course, there was backlash. But that was expected.

⧽ Robert did get expelled for bringing a few knives to school during his Freshman year. Despite him simply bringing them to protect himself.

⧽ His birth father suffered a fatal heart attack when Robert was 8. His mother raised him afterwards, until her death when Robert was 14. She was killed during a robbery at the salon she worked at.

⧽ A close family friend decided to take him in and allow for him to stay with her family after the tragedy. It was an adjustment that Robert never fully got accustomed to.

⧽ Has a corgi, Ziggy, that his mom got for him a year before her death. He cherishes the dog as Ziggy helps him to remember her, bringing him some form of comfort when he needs it most.

⧽ Robert taught Ziggy how to skateboard. Doggy Style.

⧽ During the Summer, he prefers sleeping naked.
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