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Ships for Spencer:
Cat x Spencer (Either Dark Reid or good Cat)
Spencer x Derek Morgan's sister OC
Spencer x Smart Oc
Spencer x Agent Oc
Spencer x Hotch

Any other's can be added

1) Don’t add me if you only do one liners. I'm trying to develop my writing skills to a novella standard type of writing. At the moment i'm only at Para-Multi-Para because I try to match whatever my partner does

2) I will often make new characters for role plays, however, I sometimes wont be in the mood or after reading your blog immediately see your character with a pre-existing one of mine

3) If you add me, I’d appreciate if you had something in mind, even if it’s just a rough idea or pairing, but of course, you don’t need too. Also if you add, you talk, etc, etc, etc, otherwise chances are I won't know you exist and we will never roleplay (harsh but gotta be said.) Also! I will generally try and create an idea or a few options if I’m the one who sent the request. But sometimes I get a little stuck if the character being used is lacking or is a mary sue/gary or just plainly if im tired or if you’re a private account. I don’t know what your characters are going to be when I add,thats a bit difficult to create a plot right away.... Especially if you’re also unco-operative.

4) Yes, I do many genres. I mainly do romance for one reason I'm a hopeless romantic, romance being a big part of it is important to me (It can be slow-burning but it does have to be there) otherwise I get bored and

5) If you’re unresponsive for over five days I may forget the RP unless it attached then I'll probably remind you

6) Be literate, in and out of role plays. That means no text talk, use correct punctuation (I'm not that fussy about punctuation because I struggle with that a little bit being dyslexic and all that)

7) I reserve the right to block or get rid of anyone, I’m not going to be keeping people long if anyone is rude or unresponsive.

8) I prefer for the roleplay to be MxF (Just because it's what I've been writing since I was little) but I do play FxF and MxM and I’ll play male or female.

9) No flat out smut. Like no. Not gonna happen. bye. Blocked. See ya

10) I won’t do cheating, furries, anime, underage, incest, rape, WWE, I won’t play under 16-year-old characters or over 27?, I won’t play a gold digger, I won’t do bestiality, I won’t play a cheating character. If you’re gonna show up to my account and start with ‘Hey do you want to do a kinky rp’ or ‘How’s it going, wanna do 18+?’ The answer is always no! I understand smut when it makes sense to a storyline, if you’re having to include it as an official theme, it’s not worth my time.

11) I will reserve specific characters for people but only if you're active. If you become less active I will unreserve them.

12) Personal opinion in linking to the statement above. If all of your characters are claimed/not open for romance don’t bother even sending me a request unless you make new characters.

13) Have fun! If you’re not having fun tell me and we can figure something out and change or scenes etc! DONT WORRY ABOUT ME BEING OFFENDED. Likelihood of it is if you're bored I've noticed and I'm also bored

14) The more responsive you are with me, the more responsive I am with you. You get more priority if you’re more response/if I love our role play, but everyone will always get a response so don’t worry. If you add and don’t intend to talk then unadd me


To summarise, here are my general preferences:

-No smut based plot
-Pref MxF but I do MxM and FxF
-No cheating, underage characters, age gaps, gold diggers
-I do all genres but need romance
-I don’t like having our characters already dating
-Don’t come here if you don’t want romance.

I’ll add more later, like and comment (I get it if you don't comment but just message me back a rule and like if you've read it) so I know you’ve understood this, if you don’t do so I’ll assume you haven’t. Because a lot of people seem to skim these, don’t prove they’ve read it. So when they do stuff that I clearly state I dislike, they get confused as to why I’m not so happy.

This may all seem rather rude, I’m sorry guys but I keep getting asked the same things and it’s getting annoying having to refer people back to my rules, so please take them in and read them! If you’re unsure about anything I’d rather you asked :)
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