Follow these and we’ll get along just fine. I’ll know if you haven’t read them.

1. You add, you talk and vice versa. I will go through my list every three days and delete people who disappeared without warning or friend collectors.

2. 5 sentences or more. I do not accept one-liners.

3. I don’t want much smut. I understand if there's buildup, but I don't want the whole focus to be our characters constantly f***ing and such. Also, even for the deed to happen, you the admin must be 18+ as well as your character.

4. Don’t leave me to plot out everything. Give me some ideas too. I can normally come up with stuff, but sometimes I’ve got nothing.

5. I can play any gender and do any gendered pairing. Just ask! However, I will always be submissive!

6. Keep it interesting! Kick my character out of the car, beat the sh*t out of them! I understand there’s high and low points of a story but holy sh*t don’t keep it super ‘uwu’ soft all the damn time!

7. 3rd person only. I will not do 1st person or 2nd person.

8. If you add me and I deny you, don't keep friending me. The second time you add me, I'm blocking you. If you've actually read these, don't send me 'lilac'. Send me 'rosemary'.

9. For all you people that yell for people to read your rules but you don't read mine, I will just send you the link to mine. It's just respect and doesn't even take that long to read.

10. I don't do furry. It's just not cup of tea, nothing against them.

11. I will not do any plots that consist of potty play, pedophilia, zoophilia, ddlg+, or rape. I don't really care for smut, but these are where it crosses the line.

12. Please refrain from calling me petnames. This includes: "Honey, Dear, Doll, Dollface, Babe, etc." Not only is it rather rude (in my opinion at least), but I am not yours to call that.

13. When in conversation, don't dry text with me. It's annoying, and I'll most likely just ignore you until I either gather the mental strength to deal with you for 10 minutes, or I just get rid of you completely.

14. Don't spam me. I am in high-school still and I have a job, I also send long replies to people. That means, even if I am on it can take up to half an hour for me to reply because I like to make sure people have details in their replies. If you spam me ever 5-10 minutes I will not want to respond and I'll most likely block you.

15. I don't do cannon verses. OC's only.

I’m obligated to add more if needed.
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6 | Aug 1st 2020 17:28