Akai Heishi

Name: Akai Heishi
Age: 25
Birthday: November 25th
Gender: Male
Blood Type: AB
Species: Human
Religion/Beliefs: None
Astrology Sign: Capricorn
Sexuality: Homosexual

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Other family: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Pets: A small mouse called Peaches

Physical Features~
Height: 6'5
Weight: 190
Frame/Build: Slender
Hair Length: Ear length
Hair Colour: Reddish brown
Hair Style: Messy and layered
Eye Shape: Almond
Eye Colour: Honey
Skin Colour: Porcelain
Face Shape: Narrow
Voice: A little higher pitched
Tattoos: Has a dragon going around his chest. A mandala on his lower stomach and the kanji symbols for "peace", "strength", "love", "war" and "warrior" going down his back.
Piercings: a cross earing on his right ear
Scars: One that goes across his right eye and a large one that goes across his left upper back to the lower right of his back.
Other Notable Accessories: Two samurai swords he keeps at his sides.

Economic/Political Status~
Political Affiliation: Nun ya business
Economic Class: Nun ya business
Occupation: Depends on how roleplay
Residence: Depends on the roleplay
Transportation: Depends on the Roleplay

Favourite Food: Meat dumplings and rice dumplings
Favourite Drink: Saki and Coffee
Favourite Sports: None
Favourite Book(s): None
Favourite Music: Celtic
Favourite Colour: Red and black
Clothing Style: Traditional
Hobbies: Making jewellery, sewing his own clothes, martial arts
Role Models: None
Likes: Martial arts (knows many), sunny days, the fall, animals
Dislikes: Being seen as inferior

Good Qualities: Good sense of humour, loyal, cautious around friends
Bad Qualities: Impulsive, sarcastic
Strengths: Physical strength, speed/agility, social skills
Weaknesses: Charisma, balance
Habits: Chewing his lips
Phobias/Fears: Unknown
Loves: Animals, nature, basking in the sun
Hates: Homophobes
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