Boy Pablo

Totem symbol:

A pink grizzly bear wearing teal sneakers.

Wave type:

spell (codependent)


temporary (24 hours)


Grants the ritual users magic projectiles based on the current feelings of romance or heartbreak, and the degree or strength of that feeling, through the individual using Boy Pablo at the time.

These magic projectiles are physically similar to high powered water jets, sometimes being strong enough to cut through wood and brick. Anyone caught in these projectiles will lose recollection of 15 seconds after the projectiles hit. Some projectiles can sun bleach the area that has been hit depending on the degree of the blow.


An individual's failure to use a projectile within the twenty-four hours equipping Boy Pablo will be faced with a hangover, immense drowsiness, or burn out the following day.

Only 10 people can equip Boy Pablo at a time within a 20 mile radius.

Projectiles from Boy Pablo cannot be used on the user's love interest, crush, or x-partner/friend.

Ritual instructions:

The user must display an object with the totem symbol depicted within the object in some way (ex: a wooden painted carving, a quilt design) on a table. A pure beeswax candle of any color must be lit next to the object. The user must then spend a half hour (or more if desired) confessing their love related feelings of any person to the totem symbol. The individual must use the name "Boy Pablo", while speaking to the totem, at least twice. After the individual is done speaking, the candle must be blown out, and the totem must be offered something of an innocent nature at least half the size of the totem symbol depicted (ex: a small flower, half a cookie, a crayon). The individual must then leave the ritual site unattended. This spell will then activate itself within 30 minutes. After that point the ritual sight can be disassembled or confiscated if needed. It is extremely rare for this ritual not to work.
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