Dylan Vaughen

*+*+* General Information *+*+*
Full Name: Dylan Vaughen
Nicknames: Dill
Reason for Nickname: Shortening of his name
Gender: Malr
Age: 24
Ethnicity: Australian
Spoken Languages: English
Species: Human
Sexuality: Homosexual
Family: Mother and father, Adam his older brother and Erica his younger sister
Occupation: Author and motivational speaker

*+*+* Personality *+*+*
Personality: Dylan is a very relaxed man who takes life as it comes. He doesn't often make a big deal out of things because it brings attention towards him and he has never really liked that. He is quite polite and patient, understanding that everyone is different and have their own needs. He enjoys a bit of fun and can be a little cheeky at times but is also rather mature.
Hobbies: Writing, motivational speaking
Likes: The smell of roses, listening to music, writing, public speaking, dogs, the thought of being able to see, being treated like a normal person, being able to get around without assistance.
Dislikes: Losing his clicker, people moving his things, being in unfamiliar places, being harassed about his blindness, being pitied, when people speak louder or slower for him when he doesn't need it, loud noises.
Fears: Being snuck up on by someone dangerous.

*+*+* Appearance/Health *+*+*
Hair Colour: Naturally platinum blonde but has it dyed platinum blue
Eye Colour: A very clouded blue
Height: 5'8
Body Type: Somewhat fit but mostly lanky. Has a little muscle to his body but not too much.
Skin Tone: Pale peach
Notable scars/marks: Eyes are clouded by cataracts. Mild scars on his body thanks to not being able to see where has going.
Accessories: A Braille watch on his left wrist and earpiece on his right ear to answer phone calls easier. Always has a clicker on him.
General Health: Pretty good
Physical Illnesses: Almost completely blind. He can see some shapes and movement but mostly relies on sound to get by.
Mental Illnesses: Used to struggle with depression but is back on his feet.
Takes Drugs: Medical drugs, vitamin a supplements.
Smokes: No
Drinks: On occasion

Bio: Dylan lost his sight at a very young age. His body wouldn't absorb vitamin a so he ended up losing his sight. He wasn't a very healthy child at all to begin with, but over time, he began to grow stronger, only remaining with a few minor lingering issues. Growing up, he learned to make use of a walking stick, a guide dog and eventually, echolocation. It started off with him clapping to figure out how close something was to him and has evolved to a quiet clicker in his pocket. In high school, Dylan was severely bullied for his blindness, resulting in depression that lasted a few years. After high school, he perused writing, wanting others to disabilities to know it was possible to live a normal life like anyone else.
As a child, he never had the money to receive cataract surgery but as an adult, he has finally put enough aside to get it. He's just unsure if he should go through with it or not.

~ "I'm blind, not deaf and dumb. I can hear and understand you perfectly fine."
~ "Just because you're different to the majority, doesn't mean you have to live like a minority."
~ "I swear, you make one more blind joke and I'll start looking for your shins."

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