Penelope Merida Auroria, The Bewitching Witch....

Penelope Merida Auroria, The Bewitching Witch of Glamour and Glitz.

Age: 19
Sex: Female
Species: Half Human/Fae
Height: 5ft2
Sexual Orientation: Straight (Versatile)

Powers/Abilities/Attributes: She specializes in illusion and spatial magic, her illusions are so powerful they are absolutely tangible. And she can teleport and blink around at will like it is second nature to her.

Quote: "Impossible?! That is just a stupid word made up by stupid people."

Appearance: She is very peculiar looking. Her hair is naturally a vibrant cobalt blue and her eyes a dark pink like the most effervescent amethysts. Her skin is a light ivory colour. Her body is slender, though her bust is rather ample for her size. Her body is flawless there seems not to be one scar or imperfection on her skin she is almost doll like in appearance.

Personality: Penelope is a woman who is simply full of pep, utterly zesty and vivacious. It is her most defining trait. Though she can also be rather mischievous at times and often uses her peculiar but overall amicable and beautiful looks to tease and toy with people who she finds interesting. She is quite the cheerful handful and is utterly untameable. She quite enjoys teasing those who are strait-laced or overly pious simply because she finds it entertaining to see them blush or clutch their pearls. She has a particular interest in the more stoic as they are her complete opposite and she is intrigued by them and will take it as a challenge to pry something out of them. Penelope often seems rather flippant. And even though she is not a fan of violence or interested in the wider worlds problems, she will stand up to people who needlessly cause harm. After all there is no fun in hurting the innocent.;

Backstory: Penelope was the lovechild between a travelling mage by the name of Tennick Cay and a Fae by the name of Elandria Auroria. Fae are creatures that are powerful spirits their mana and magic ability so strong they could manifest themselves in physical form upon the mortal realm whenever they saw fit. So strong they could survive the turbulence of their own archaic realm and make a paradise out of it.

Tennick a mage from the college was a man who studied the magical properties of the spirit world it was what he had devoted his life too. He spent most of his time within the enchanted forests to the east. The forests of Gaia. Here he studied the incredibly magical and spiritual creatures and plants that inhabited only this forest. They could not be found anywhere else on Mavis as this place was where the connection to the spirit realm was strongest. In his study and exploration he was being watched by Elandria a Fae princess. She was playfully devious and rebellious girl. She so loved the mortal realm far more than her own world. She was a troublemaker through and through. She took a liking to Tennick due to his ability to see though her silly pranks and snarky remarks. Over the years their peculiar friendship blossomed and Elandria would begin to fall for the mortal man. A thing that was rather forbidden in Fae society. To love a mortal creature was simply unheard of. While Fae care little for having multiple partners and having fun with whoever they wish even mortals. However to fall in love with one was absolutely taboo. After all the Fae will usually have a companion who they will be bound by love and that bond become palpable so much so their joining results in them sharing their life force and becoming stronger. Though this also means, if one perishes so will the other. A double edged sword if you will.

Which for Fae is fine, they live for hundreds of years longer than many generations of mortals. In essence to fall for a mortal is to die as a mortal. And when it was found Elandria and Tennick were in love Elandria was banished from the spirit realm where she could never return forced to live as a mortal. Though she cared little for that as her and the Mage were deeply in love and that love created a child. The first of its kind a half Fae/Human. Though Elandria sadly died soon after child birth and as she died so did Tennick. After all they shared each others life force. The spirits of the forest took pity on the new born girl, they would not leave her to the whims of the forest. They took the now orphan girl to the village within the forest devoted to Gaia and situated around his shrine. There she was brought up by a witch, a apothecary who was a gentle and calm woman. She went by the name of Trish Teleman. She was nothing like Penelope but though their relationship was turbulent at times due to Penelope's eccentric ways Penelope thinks highly of her after all she was her mother for all intensive purposes and taught her how to use and control her magic.

Presently Penelope is off gallivanting and enjoying her youth, and who knows where life may take her?
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