[OC] Aemilia Sato

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Aemilia Sato

Princess of the dead, The Cursed Witch, Corrupter, The Mad witch, The Madness





♡♤ A P P E A R A N C E ♡♤



Aemilias has soft long dark black hair that she wears let down. Aemilias hair is slightly curl so it forms waves throughout her hair.

❦۵Body & Details۵❦
Thanks to Aemilia constant demonic rituals and summons he skin is quite pale and he body petite. Throughout her time living and some of the more dangerous summoning rituals she has done Aemilias had many scars over her body the more visible ones being on her thighs and arms. She has bright blue eyes which are quite misleading to her nature, as she slowly loses her sanity in fights her eyes will widen and her appearance would appear more crazed and chaotic.

Not often buying new clothes Aemilia wears a short pitch black dress, sith multiple blood stains left on it. To go along with the blood stains the bottom of the dress is quite torn and shredded. Along with her dress Aemilia wears black stockings torn and shredded to the point where they show more skin than stockings as for shoes she wears black high heels. Aemilia also wears a small black belt with a few satchels on it for her belongings.


♡♤ Weapons, Belongings, Powers ♡♤


Aemilia has a few senbon needle hidden up her sleeves which she uses for quick surprises attacks, along with the needle Aemilia has a custom made

❦۵Powers & Skills۵❦

Aemilia has spent years training in demonic cultivation, she has gained the ability to raise the dead and to control them. Aemilia has also mastered summoning high level demons and getting them to do her bidding, different demons all have unique abilities and strengths.
Combined with her ability of demonic cultivation to make her even stronger she has started studying blood manipulations. With this she uses it to quickly perform summoning rituals and also uses it to poison people.

Aemilia is very skilled in the art of torture often finding to much pleasure in it, a long side torture through vast expirements through torture she has taught her self how to make many types of posion. Tied with poison making to keep herself from sleeping to spend more time experimenting she is a skilled herbalist.
The time spent torturing people Aemilia has learnt the practice of acupuncture, with these she is able to restrict her opponente movement and inflict severe amounts of pain.

Besides her weapons Aemilia has a few vials of blood from past victims and sometimes her own blood she uses in rituals. Aemilia also has a pouch just of blank charms she uses to do quick summons and spells.

Aemilia has very little to no money, whenever she needs something she would cause a scene/kill and steal whatever she wanted.


♡♤ Personality & Backstory ♡♤


Aemilia is extremely insane; Aemilia loves chaos and death, spending a lot of her time causing chaos with feral zombies to see the panic and the outcome. Although her broken and insane mental state Aemilia can appear sweet and normal to manipulate people as she is quite sadistic.

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