~✰ Brienna ✰~

**TW: mental illness**
**Best Genres: Romance, Human, Real Life**

Basic Character Information
First name: Brienna
Surname: Richardson
Middle name(s): Alice
Nickname(s): Bri
Date of birth: October 2nd ♎︎
Age: 17-23 (depending on the plot)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Physical / Appearance
Height: 5'8
Weight: 135 lb.
Build: Lean, triangle body shape
Hair color: Dyed red
Hairstyle: Messy, long, with side-swept bangs
Eye color: Light brown
Eye Shape: Upturned
Glasses or contact lenses: N/A
Distinguishing facial features: Big eyes
Which facial feature is most prominent: Jawline
Which bodily feature is most prominent: Hips
Other distinguishing features: Usually has her hair in a ponytail
Skin: A pale peach
Hands: Lean, nails are usually painted a dark color
Makeup: Eyeliner and mascara most of the time
Scars: Surgery scar on her stomach (she's very self-conscious about it)
Birthmarks: N/A
Tattoos: The Apus constellation on her right inner wrist
Physical handicaps: N/A
Type of clothes: Tshirts, sweatshirts, leggings, jeans, with white shoes
How do they wear their clothes?: T-shirts paired with leggings or jeans, with crew socks and her sneakers
Race / Ethnicity: White (French genes)
Mannerisms: Fidgeting with anything she can get her hands on, scratching her neck when she is anxious
Are they in good health?: Yes
Do they have any disabilities?: No

What words or phrases do they overuse?: "I guess so."
Do they have a catchphrase?: Not really
Are they more optimistic or pessimistic?: Pessimistic
Are they introverted or extroverted?: Introverted
What bad habits do they have?: Getting distracted
How do they display affection?: Physically
Mental disorders: Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder
How do they want to be seen by others?: Calm and collected, intelligent
How do they see themselves?: Annoying, naive
Strongest character trait?: Self-sufficiency
Weakest character trait?: Crumbles under pressure too easily
How competitive are they?: Barely
Do they make snap judgments or take time to consider?: Depends on the situation, but usually takes time.
How do they react to praise?: Gets flustered, but doesn't accept it
How do they react to criticism?: It saddens her and can stay on her mind for a while
What is their greatest fear?: Not making anything of herself; being a waste of space
What are their biggest secrets?: TBD
What is their philosophy of life?: "Everything is temporary."
What will they stand up for?: The people she cares about
Are they indoorsy or outdoorsy?: Both
What is their sinful little habit?: TBD
What sense do they most rely on?: Sound
How do they treat people better than them?: Doesn't believe in "better" or "worse"
How do they treat people worse than them?: Doesn't believe in "better" or "worse"
What quality do they most value in a friend?: Support, reliability, humor
If they could change one thing about themselves, what would it be?: To be more confident
What is their obsession?: Checking on her cat, it's always in the back of her head
What are their pet peeves?: People that are arrogant and egotistical

Friends and Family
Is their family big or small? Who does it consist of?: Small; mom, dad, cat
What is their perception of a family?: A priority; loves them a lot
Do they have siblings? Older or younger?: N/A
Describe their best friend: Depends on the plot
Ideal best friend: Funny, gives good advice, will hang out with her frequently
Do they have any pets?: A gray Persian cat named Holly (4 months old)

Past and Future
Did they grow up rich or poor?: Middle-class
Did they grow up nurtured or neglected?: Nurtured
What is their best childhood memory?: Her parents took her to the beach when she was 9
What is their worst childhood memory?: Losing her childhood pet
Did they have an imaginary childhood friend?: No
What past actions are they most ashamed of?: Moving far away from her family
What past actions are they most proud of?: Getting into college

Do they believe in love at first sight?: No
How do they behave in a relationship?: Clingy, loving
What sort of sex do they have?: She doesn't know, as she has no experience
Has your character ever been in love?: No
Have they ever had their heartbroken?: No

How do they respond to a threat?: Fight or flight
Are they most likely to fight with their fists or their tongue?: Tongue
What is your character’s kryptonite?: Slow walkers
If your character could only save one thing from their burning house, what would it be?: Her cat
What do they love to hate?: A big ego
What are their phobias?: No one loving her, never achieving anything
What is their choice of weapon?: Her fist
Have they ever been bullied or teased?: Yes
Where do they go when they’re angry?: In a small, secluded place like a closet

Work, Education, and Hobbies
What is their current job?: Depends on the plot
What are their hobbies?: Photography, reading, playing video games
Do they have a natural talent for something?: Singing
Do they play a sport? Are they any good?: N/A

What is their favorite animal?: Cats
Which animal do they dislike the most?: Mosquitoes
What is their favorite song?: "Brain and Heart" by Melanie Martinez
Music, art, reading preferred?: Music
What is their favorite color?: Maroon or cobalt
Favorite food?: Pasta of any kind

Do they believe in the afterlife?: No
What are their religious views?: Agnostic
Are they superstitious?: No
How would they like to die?: Surrounded by those she loves
What is their zodiac sign?: Libra

Daily life
What are their eating habits?: 2 meals a day, she doesn't feel hungry often
Do they have any allergies?: Pollen
Describe their home: Depends on the plot
Are they minimalist or a clutter hoarder?: In between but leaning towards minimalist
What do they do first thing on a weekday morning?: Hit snooze
What do they do on a Sunday afternoon?: Try to relax or take a nap
What do they do on a Friday night?: Playing video games or hanging out with friends
What is the soft drink of choice?: Dr. Pepper
What is their alcoholic drink of choice?: White Claw
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