Bio: Valenci Grave

Name: Valenci Grave
Nickname(s): Val, Valen
Age: 300
Relationship Status: Single
| Dynamic |

Species: Purebred Vampire
Born of two vampires, their craving for blood is much higher than hybrids and they require it often. They find it much harder to merge with regular society.

During his feeding he emits a scent that causes the body to experience feelings of euphoria and arousal.

( During a rp Y/C could maybe be some one with a disorder in which they produce too much blood)
| Personality Traits |

| Appearance |

Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Red
Height: 6'3
Build: Strong
Outstanding Traits: N/A
Tattoo / Piercings: Half sleeve of crows on his forearm.
| Sexual Interests |

Orientation: Gay
Position: Seme
k*nks: Biting during S*x, Exhibitionist, C*ck warming,
M*sturbation, Teasing, OverStimulation, Roughness
Hematolagnia: Drinking or looking at blood
| Family |

Parents: He was adopted and raised by a pair of hybrid vampires.
Victoria and Vincent Grave. No siblings.

| Other info |

Living Space: Inherited The Grave Manor from his parents which has a large home on a few acres of land and a small lake.

Clothing Choice: Usually in dark clothes, hats and hoodies



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