Character run downs

I usually roleplay angsty type characters, mostly male, because well, I'm male, easier to get in those head spaces lol.

One of my favorites since like middle school is a character I named Volcom, Red head and moody, rough childhood, but a sweetheart deep down and defends the people he cares about.

Though I also have a character just as old that's just a lovable athletic goofball named Gojie, dyed hair, and loves to bake too. Lot of pressures at home, but he makes due and loves his friends and isn't afraid to say it and show it.

I also have plenty of DND fantasy type characters, Tieflings, elves/half-elves, and a blind half-orc that I'd love to play because he'd probably work better just roleplaying than actually putting him in a campaign setting.
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