Rules of Roleplay

Rules of Roleplay

To be honest, I'm not one that posts rules for RP on other platforms, but in a place like this it seems customary. At first it was only my bio that I had served for enough on the topic of rules but here are things more in depth. So I suppose if you really want to know if you're a good fit to be a role play partner, feel free to skim this. But only this. Most things should come obvious anyway.


If you are sending me a friend request, and I turned the first one down, please do not send another one. There's a good reason why I haven't accepted it, and I wouldn't take it personal, other than the fact that I'm very picky with who I talk to. So you can blame that on me.

Communication before setting up a role-play is key for me. It's very hard to plan things ahead when I am getting responses that are only a few words. So if you can, open up to me before we start. Explain what you want to tell me alittle, and I want you to know that you can ask me difficult questions.

The pairings I usually do are WxM and rarely MxM, and although I have a lot of LGBT elements in my stories if desired, my MxM pairings are usually platonic. And I'm sorry if this offends anybody.

I'm not someone that responds right away and I I'm trying my best to balance this role playing hobby with all the things in my real life, though I also stay logged in for convenience. So if you see me logged in for a long time, and I haven't responded for a whole day, it was not because I'm trying to ghost. So if you don't see me in a week, hit me another message, because you might have gotten buried. But please don't spam. I also won't tell you every time I get off or am back, because you're not my mom.

I have an Eastern United States time zone.

Bailing out last-second wather a roleplay starts or not does not offend me. I don't feel responsible for someone's rage quit if they don't communicate to me, but if it has anything to do with a trigger that comes up you have the right to tell me right away. I'm not on here to hurt people.

Same goes for criticism and feedback on something. I have been trampled by this in college so often, I'm immune to it. So if you want to be picky and give me a review, you f***ing can. Just don't get bent out of shape if I feel the need to bring something up.


I can't believe I have to post rules under this category but here we are.

▪ I'd really rather you didn't diarrhea squeeze on your keyboard. Please use punctuations, and good grammar is nice too. Some typos are exceptional, since I myself fall under the dysgraphia diagnosis. It's also fine if English is your second language but please try.
▪ I'd really rather you didn't beg me to roleplay something if I already turn it down. If you're really that desperate, find someone who's more likely to be your fit. No means no.
▪ I'd really rather you didn't gate keep my involvement in a story. I came here to collaborate with people, not be somebody's personal sub.
▪ I'd really rather you didn't god mode every conflict that comes into story. Your characters should never be perfect to make up for the lack of things you don't see in yourself.
▪ I'd really rather you didn't have your OC be a constant edgy jerk, and take things out on my characters or leech them of their emotional energy. I'm not your punching bag or your therapist. Now change your diaper. And for the love of god, don't give your OCS mental illnesses unless you have the same thing and understand it well enough.
▪ I'd really rather you didn't act like this whole thing is a p0rno. I'm very aware that peepee goes in hole, and yes it can happen from time to time for story sake, but don't expect an asexual bloke like me to waste time on some nympho. And if I'm not sure if you are of age or not, it's never going to happen in story anyway, so don't try.
▪ I'd really rather you didn't robot the-fuk-out of your side of the story progression. I can understand if you have an OC that is not the most expressive type, but holy hell your descriptions do not need to be the same as that person's useless personality.
▪ I'd really rather you didn't leave me up to doing everything either. I came here to to collaborate, and I will collaborate, and nothing else. If there's no team effort involved, it ain't going to happen.
▪ I'd really rather you didn't forget we are role playing together while you are role playing, if you know what I mean. It's fine if our characters do not meet up at first in story, but it's so weird when they still haven't five turns in.
▪ I'd really rather you didn't sit and watch all the time at some point. If you need a break to think of ideas and how you can progress the story on your side, tell me and we can brainstorm as long as you'd like. Even for days.
▪ I'd really rather you didn't disregard characteristics of the OCs I play. In other words, I'd really rather you didn't put changes to them for a story before asking me first.
▪ I'd really rather you didn't skim everything I put out for you. If we're role-playing, why are you skipping my responses anyway. It just seems entitled and I don't like hypocritical standards.
• And stop trying to control what my OC does. Jeez.

On Genres and Story

I am not open to changing how my characters would react in a situation, their desires, fears, flaws or weaknesses, or sexual orientations, for they are an extension to myself and I must write what I know. Everything else is up for tweaking for the sake of fitting into a roleplay.

When it comes to these, I like to mix. I prefer not to do one genre alone with it's set tropes, and if I am allowed the privilege, I like to mix as mutch genres as I can together to help create a distinct style. Here are the genres I'm best at, and the ones I don't ever do, below. Keep in mind none of these are ranked.

Genres I'm Good at Delivering

~ Urban modernism. This is always mashed with other genres (not the only ones on this list, but most still being obscure so far), and if we can create our own ways of breaking from the norm within it, that's even better. If anything I use urban modernism most of the time as a base to build off of.
~ Contemporary. A lesser known genre, but I find it satisfying. It's full of breaking away from original concrete ways of delivering instory scenarios, and blending the lines between analogy and realism. This genre is done on request, but if you're not a fan of pretentious experimental art films, I wouldn't try it.
~ Earthbound sci-fi. Minus the dystopian overused structures that most people associate sci-fi with. I try to avoid world builds that remind me of how I have no power against how a real life dystopian system is being run, and plugging yourself into advanced technology kind of sucks too. I'm more into lab punk and solar punk, or if the sci-fi doesn't dictate everything involving deeper human nature if you catch my drift.
~ Spaghetti Westerns. Though this is the genre I've touched the least, nothing can compared to spaghetti westerns. There's so many ways to use them, and it's fun to apply the genre to AU fanfic of a different kind.
~ Bizarro fiction. Are you beginning to see a trend here? The thing about this genre is that it's spreads out so far amongst other genres it touches. Also if you don't know what bizarro fiction is yet, I weep for you as you do not know the true meaning of joy. A good example of this genre is the movies like Robo Geisha, Rubber, Survive Style 5+, and The Toxic Avenger, though the literary world of bizarro fiction is much bigger.
~ Satire. It makes a lot of other cliched and overused genres a lot more bearable, and makes some fanfiction based roleplay more fun.
~ Pirate fiction. Need I say more? There's nothing like the freedom of being a god damn pirate, okay? It doesn't matter what happens and overly passive wholesome role plays with pirates are also great, especially when there's Italian food involved. It ties together well with my religious beliefs. Can you guess what they are? Ramen.
~ The Out of Place Oddity trope. The kind of story driving trope that allows us to imagine "what if something strange happens, and no one believes me". There's something about abnormal people, places, and things, that can't exist in real life, thrusted into a regular world. It's usually surrounded by secrets or disbelief by the roleplays world build, that one norm shattering thing.
~ Kids' Horror. Like things you saw back in the day on halloween, or something easily fit into an episode of Goosebumps. It's imaginative, a bit wacky, and is a good genre to drive younger characters into becoming the heroes, something we all wish we had for ourselves at one point growing up.
~ Surreal world builds and story arcs. Like a more ambient and tame version of bizarro fiction. It's not exactly fantasy, and not exactly science fiction either, but somewhere in between, and always a bit psychological and dreamlike.
~Vintage Roleplay. I find being back in time calming, don't you? Preferably 1700s to 1970s. 1990s rp is also good.
~ Back and forth sh*tposting. Sometimes it just happens unplanned, and I like to play along. Sometimes it feels good to just endlessly vomit tasteless humor in an almost non-literate level, but I only ever leave this activity up for people who approach me with it first.

Genres I Refuse To Touch

> Nothing but Romance. There would just be no balance and although I like putting it into things, I also need to be creative or else I'll die.
> Criminal Organizations. I avoid this for the sake that I don't know enough about it to be able to pull something off. That, and role playing heavy amounts of crime leaves me kind of bitter.
> Heavy Politics in story. And war. I already watched the news and am involved in enough movements as it is. and That's enough of my exposure to politics that I'm needing. Why would I want to creatively escape into it? Unless you count Vermin Supreme. His politics are fine.
> Dystopian Nightmares. For the love of God this reminds me way too much of the sh*t I have to put up with in real life also so just keep it away from me. There's enough violation of free will that I look at daily.
> Roleplay with toxic characters or systems. This stuff leaves me angry enough to lose sleep so just don't try. And I don't feel like reliving personal history anyway, if you catch my drift. I can't believe I have to explain it this thoroughly, but I do not do role plays that involve relationship issues or abuse of any kind, cults, stalking, and excessive cruelty to living things.
> Railroading Tropes or Genres. Doing so would bore me to tears. There's nothing worse than a lack of originality, and there's a reason I crave deconstruction and reconstruction so much.
> Body Horror or Supernatural Horror. You can call me a p**sy if you'd like after I tell you this, but I have a very weak stomach and I'm very superstitious. The strange disfigurement of the human body is not something I take lightly, and I prefer not to capture the attention of unwanted spirits either.


Below are all the canons I have done in the past and am willing to do again, as well as a few I would like to experience one day. Any other fiction outside of this list I am unopen to do to eather distaste or a lack of knowledge. I do not do railroading under any circumstances, roleplay done by rewriting everything that has already happened in a fictional piece.

• Hylics (1 & 2)
• Tenchi Muyo
• Twin Peeks (part 1)
• Dororo (remastered)
• Xavier Renegade Angel
• JJBA (parts 3, 4 & 8)
• Steven Universe
• Half Life
• Goosebumps
• Bill & Ted
• Freakazoid
(but with modern memes & culture)
• The Sims (1, 2, & 3)
• Pokemon
• Avatar: TLA (& LOK)
• Super Mario (satire)
• The Adams Family
• The Creatures of Yes
• Kung Pow Enter The Fist

One More Thing

I know it sounds like I'm repeating myself but there's no way I'm going to share personal things about my existence, that including my gender. Personal things do not reflect my want to expand my creativity, and revealing these can sometimes pull away from how art is seen by another point of view. I hope you can understand but if you need to put your own interpretations on me however you see fit, feel free to anyway.

There you've made me right a rule page, now go.

For any questions or things you're not sure of, feel free to ask.
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