Suriel, the king of punishment

"If you think you can outrun lighting give it a shot, I’ll even give you a head start"

~Basic Information~
Full name: Suriel Fye
Nickname: the priest of thunder, the king of punishment
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: shop keep/Tavern owner
Affiliation: None
Marital status: Never married

~Physical description~
Height: 6’4
Weight: 185
Hair type: Shoulder length normally tied into a ponytail/Bun
Hair color: purple
Eye color: Glassy amber eyes
Body type: Lean and muscular
Usual clothing: pictured below

Positive personality traits: He’s very caring about his companions, and he’ll do anything for them. He’s quiet driven in his goals and will get them done.
Negative personality traits: He shows little to no restraint during battle and will use 100% of his power with no hesitation.
Likes: Sweets, rain, drinking, adventure, and his friends.
Dislikes: Dirt, being insulted, or tricked into doing things.

~Abilities and Weapons~
Preferred weapons: A metal three sectioned staff
Class: A lighting specialist mage.
- Flash: A bright flash of blinding light
-divine punishment: a powerful stream of lightning strikes from above
- overcharge: a stream of lightning poured from his hands
- His attacks cannot be used in water
-His attacks could hit allies if they are too close to the target
- They take a lot of his mana, meaning he can only use them a few times.

~Small biography~
He was born in a small village north of the great capital. Once a war broke out it didn’t take long for his village to be ransacked. Those who weren’t killed were quickly captured. Suriel was one of the ones unlucky enough to be caught. He was soon sold into slavery to a rich baron at the age of 10. Every day he and the other slaves were beaten sometimes to near death. One night he heard foot steps but by the time he had woken up there was nothing but a book outside of his cell door. He quickly ran over grabbing it, he could feel the power surging from his. Everyday after the sun set he would practice in his cell. By 17 he had mastered nearly all of them, and one morning he decided enough was enough. The doors on his cell flew of the hinges landing against the wall with a bang. And as he did the guards rushed to the noise and saw him standing near the rubble as his body crackled with electricity. He turned and watched as they tried to run away and said. “Do you really think you can out run lightning?”
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