Annie Van Helsing (human, vampire hunter)

Name: Annie Van Helsing
Age: 20 years old
Species: human
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125lbs
Gender: female
Hair colour: black
Hair style: length is long, and straight
Eye colour: dark green


Annie is the last surviving member of the Van Helsing family; the rest of her family have been slaughtered by vampires; and now runs the family business. To regular humans, it looks like any other nightclub, but underneath it is where the true business runs from. The nightclub is just a front, and in the basement is where she runs her vampire hunter operation. The underground has containment rooms for captured vampires, training rooms for trainees, etc. Although she is the only surviving member of the vampire, she has around 50 employees who are stationed all around the world. She tends to avoid doing the actual hunting herself, preferring to run it and the nightclub only
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