Seth Fox

↠{Seth Carmen Fox}↞
❝{don’t close the book when bad things happen in your life, turn the page and start a knew chapter}❞
【ғυll naмe】
✿{Seth Carmen Fox}

【вιologιcal ѕeх】
【preғerred pronoυnѕ】

✿{20 (depends on rp)
【daтe oғ вιrтн】
✿{August 17 depends on rp}
【weѕтern zodιac】

【ѕpιrιт anιмal】
❝{it hurts to let go but sometimes it hurts more to hold on}❞

【eye colour】
【нaιr color】

✿{one in his right ear}
✿{necklace with a ring on it}
❝{it’s okay to walk out of someone’s life if you feel like you don’t belong there anymore}❞
✕☓『perѕonalιтy (Learn about him to learn more)』☓✕

【-verт тype】
✿{introvert }
✿{tabbing (his foot, a table, etc.)}
✿{spacing out}

❝{the darker the night, the brighter the stars}❞

✿{any type of book}

✿{loud noises}
✿{getting hurt/ people getting hurt}

❝{I got trust issues because people got lying issues}❞

【ғavorιтe color】
✿{Dark blue}
【leaѕт ғavorιтe color】
【ғavorιтe тιмe oғ day】
【leaѕт ғavorιтe тιмe oғ day】

【ғavorιтe weaтнer】
【leaѕт ғavorιтe weaтнer】
✿{sunny/ rlly hot}
❝{tears are words the heart can’t say}❞

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