Full name: Capt. Rowan R. Kellogg

Age: 23-28

Gender: male

Sexuality: hetero

Species: Merfolk (sea mammal typing)

Height: 7.10 ft long

Weight: 280 lbs

Occupation: Marine Geologist and security at the N.ew E.ngland M.arine R.esearch C.enter (changing his work twards coastal preservation).

Personality type: INFJ mostly. Rowan is the best example of someone who is having to work through tough "things" on the inside, and has a lot of layers. He has things eating at him and it's no one's business but his, as far as he can help it. Regardless, Rowan is still functioning, and his inner problems are not what defines him completely. One way to describe him is that he's been very brave about it so far.

Ever since the mutation, Rowan has adopted some new habits and hobbies when having to adjust to his new lifestyle. One of the ways he copes is by not holding onto much. He is a minimalist and all his belongings have been downsised to a good sized shelf of history & science books and his bugout bag he uses to go camping uncharted, aside for the few things of Japanese furniture that came with his new living space. He does have the habit of hoarding pearls unintentionally. Everytime he finds one in his food, it usually goes in one of the many piles he has around the bay or in a jar on his book shelf. He finds no value in them, but the amount he has collected over the years is ridiculous. To pass the time, Rowan carves pictures of wildlife into driftwood.

Pros: Rowan is very good at standing his ground passively, and can negotiate with almost anyone. This goes hand in hand with being good at reading people through gut instinct, and making quick decisions when life depends on it. Though Rowan doesn't view it as a quality, he is also very empathetic to an almost empathic degree, not that he lets anyone know. He can also keep calm in situations others would see as a time to panic.

He has a gentleness to him that can make up for his lack of warmth. Anyone can have trust in the fact that he's the type of guy who never raises his voice, and although he can be secretive, he is never dishonest.

Cons: Rowan comes off as very cold and distant, and has a habit of pushing people away from him, even if they can prove themselves trustworthy. He hides his true griefs and desires to the world so deeply, he does whatever he can to even hide them from himself. Rowan can also burn himself out easily, and can't let a job go unless it's finished. This is one way he tries to distract himself from facing some tragic and abrupt life changes.

When having to face up against someone he really doesn't like, it doesn't take long for his to disappear without much of a word, usually not saying anything at all. Although Rowan's avoidant nature can be seen as petty, it has only ever benefited him, and he sees it as "burying the hatchet" in his own way. A philosophy that he's not willing to change.

Likes: Hot showers, secluded beaches, camping, finding forgotten things, wildlife, when everyone is feeling okay.

Dislikes: Miles and miles of cold empty salt water, heavy rocking boats, jelly fish, outwardly dramatic people, fetishizers.

Appearance: An average body builder figure with light skin and super dark brown hair. Rowan cuts his hair short but has it chin length in the winter time. His tail is grey and slick with no distinctive features besides the fin at the end and an almost white underside. His hands are also webbed, and his canine teeth are a bit longer than the average human's. Most of the time, he can be seen wearing a long sleezed scuba diving top for the sake of comfort in the water, or a large dark green hoody while indoors. There is a small scar where his ankle should be, gotten from a previous diving accident.

Abilities: Rowan can hold his breath for a bit longer than 40 minutes, has complete viability underwater, and can dive to depths of about 200 ft. He can retain body temperature better than the average person while underwater. Regardless of Rowans anatomy, he can live out of water completely without struggles.

Weaknesses: Rowans mutation has resulted in his stomach changing to a primitive sea based diet that is rather restrictive. Even though he can digest raw meats with ease and is less vulnerable to mercury poisoning, almost anything that isn't from the ocean is a no-go.

History: Rowan grew up an average human kid, regardless of growing up without his mom. By the end of high school, he landed a small security job at NEMRC and climbed easily to more advance jobs within, thanks to family connects with the research center's director, who was a none blood related uncle. By unrelated events, Rowans father disappeared on the Appalachian Trail two years later on a hiking trip.

By four years after, Rowan had successfully worked himself up the ladder to the more top secret levels of the research center. One night when patrolling the lower floors, Rowan caught a partnering scientist from another department conducting theft of another person's research. Rowan went to expose the man the following day, but soon after, the scientist had lured him into a sabotaged freak accident as attempted revenge, resulting in Rowan's mutation. And although the man was eventually caught and executed, the damage had been done.

With the trust and help of NEMRC and the family Rowan had beeply ingrained himself into it through the center's director, he would still live safely in the world as his new self, yet it never stopped Rowan from believing that he lost nearly everything from his old life including a better future.
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