o1. i will always be open to different ideas, genres, and plots— i have my limits however. i’ll make sure to speak up about said limits if any lines are crossed.

o2. make sure to write more than a one liner ! i typically write in third person / prefer to write in third person, however you can write in whatever person you personally enjoy.

o3. in romance- not only would i prefer to plan it out so we know at least vaguely what direction we’re going to be going in- but i’d also prefer it if it had another genre to add some spice.
o3.5. i will write a female, male, nonbinary, etc. character if so desired. i can also write straight or mxm/fxf relationships, or any other pairings that are needed.

o4. this is more personal-ish, but i won’t message/friend first ! apologies but i find myself to be too shy/anxious to approach others first. however i don’t bite, so please don’t be afraid to message me !

o5. please give me time to reply ! i actually take a little bit of time, sometimes i zone out or have errands to run, i have four critters to take care of— however you’re free to remind me after a full twenty-four hours. i will do my best to reply to everyone will im on here.

o6. please do not ask my age, biological gender, what i look like, etc. im just self conscious and would prefer not to talk about these things. i refer to myself in they/them/he/him pronouns.

o7. for oc appearances i prefer drawn / cartoony type drawings, or painterly references, however i can use real life people if it’s desired ! please make sure to tell me which you prefer, i want you to enjoy the roleplay just as much as i do!

o8. yes, i can deal with dark themes— adult themes are welcomed and fine with me. i have my limits and as stated in the first rule, will express them if i feel the need to.

o9. i do not have a kik— and im not going to give you my social medias either. not because i don’t trust everyone ( you seem great ! ) but because it’s more personal and reserved for close friends.

1o. roleplaying romance with me does not give you the right to being my romantic partner irl, which seems simple enough, but i want to state it. please don’t flirt with me out of roleplay, however my characters are fair game !
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3 | Jun 30th 2020 00:40