Alondra (Witch OC)

Name: Alondra
Age: 231
Sex: Female
Species: Witch
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Violet
Sexuality: Bisexual
Sub or Dom: Sub
Personality: Reserved, obedient, she’s very strong but has learned to behave timid.
Abilities: Shapeshifting, overshadowing, foresight (uncontrollable),
Appearance: Tattered clothes, beaten up appearance. Aside from the scars and bruises, she is actually a very pretty girl.
Background: Alondra is a witch with a history of being bought and sold as a slave, abused by many owners. All she knows is submission to her owner’s, and do her owner’s bidding. Required to follow any command she is given, if she can’t she is punished and/or sold for incompetence. She is able to heal her scars and wounds, and change clothes with magic, but is forced to keep her appearance tattered to remind her of her place. She can only change if her owner commands it or gives her freedom to do so.
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