~Terms & Conditions~

Thank you for checking in on my rules.

These are put in place by the admin to keep roleplays running smoothly and to keep from having to stop before we really get the chance to get something going. (these don't affect the decisions already made for existing roleplays, only for new roleplays)

There aren't a lot, but for the few that exist they're very important. They are as followed:


Number 1: Keep it realistic. In other words, the words and actions we complete should have realistic reactions and/or consequences when necessary.

Number 2: I don't like god-modding or power-playing. This rule can be bent on a few occasions, but its definitely something that would need to be discussed before hand.

Number 3: I'm not going to do strictly sexual roleplays. I need substance and plot and before anything happens relationship wise between my character and yours there's going to be a decent amount of plot handled first.

Number 4: I'm very lax on cussing, drinking, drug use etc. But if you aren't okay with that, please let me know and I will refrain from it.

Number 5: If something isn't working in the roleplay, let me know, we can discuss ways to fix it.

Number 6: The most important: Have Fun.


If I ever think of more rules, I'll add them to the list, but until then, this is all I really have. Again, I'm very open to discussing things and some of these rules can be bent within reason, but like I said it's something we have to talk about before we start the scene.

Now, if you've read and agreed to these terms and conditions, please like this post.
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