Dinner 2.

And even that evening's plans for TiHao and WonPil get ruined, as another huge dinner in the garden is organised to celebrate the arrival of HyunKi and Myung. Liziqi and Ah couldn't miss the chance to cook for 200 again, also since the holiday is almost up for some of them.

Usual place, usual time. Suggested not to eat food for at least 12 hours.
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1 | Jun 22nd 2020 11:42
KIWII He looks at Lani, °You can see it that way, you want to bring your beloved one?
It is him, he is making me so pissed off with his arrogance.
Only words that he cannot demonstrate, you are superior to others only in your brain. Someone arrogant like you would never be that good. I dare to do what I like, if you wanted more than a mianhe next time do not kick people without knowing.°
LaNii "We all know where the line between average and superior is drawn." Of course himself is the alpha.
"Which ministry do you own, hyung-nim?" Making an innocent face.
He snorts at Killian. "I don't have a beloved one." He take ShiHao only to a asylum... an abandoned one.
"I know, but you should just be amused. What's the point to get mad over these silly matters?" He shakes his head.
Meanwhile he starts to eat.
BOOM "Only in my brain? I don't see anyone looking better than I do." He grew in arrogance, knowing he was capable but now he should learn to shut up. "I don't want to beat you up right now. I should finish to eat first.
He is exactly one step from that line, the average of average.
My cousin recently took in his hands a Ministry. I don't own one because I am not much of a scholar, even if I am good."
KIWII He looks at Lani, °I am trying to be superior but it's hard worth him.
The fact is that I dislike arrogance, he I frustrating only to me? I can be immature since I am still young.
Then the problem is in your eyes, I don't want to fight with you. I would dishonoured my family for defeating someone like you. You aren't valuable neither of the little effort to do so.° He makes a serious look and eats a little.
LaNii "Should i prescribe graduated glasses to you, since your eyesight is problematic? You should see me well enough at this distance..."
He leans back on the chair and crosses his arms on his chest. "It's getting boring though."