"Oh…? I don’t have a name, but I heard I’m called Umibōzu..."

⋆ Basic Information ⋆

[Name] ???
[Nicknames] Umibōzu, Sea Priest
[Gender] Male
[Age] ???
[Apparent Age] 17-20
[Species] Umibōzu
[Ethnicity] Human Form; appears japanese/korean/etc
[Religion] ???
[Sexuality] ??? (look to “genre options” at the end)
[Occupation] Sea Priest
[Other] This character will have a lot of character development within the RP, so these ‘???’ spots will be filled during the story we build. Hint: Perhaps his name will be determined to be special to the RP.

⋆ Character ⋆

[Temperament] Indistinct, Aberrant
[Traits] Soft-spoken, Blunt, Gentle, Often Weary/Slow, Sweet, Oblivious, Somewhat Unpredictable, Mysterious, Curious, Dangerous, etc. Despite this timid and sweet description, he is able to become a true Umibōzu and be very dangerous, like a snap. He could be the bad guy.
[Likes] Sea Creatures, The Sea, Jellyfish (he admires them), etc.
[Dislikes] Tobacco Smoke (it hurts him), Bottomless Barrels (it is confusing and makes him a little crazy/hectic/anxious), Humans who ruin the sea and it’s creatures, etc.
[Hobbies] Wandering, Sinking Ships, Watching
[Passion] Nothing… although, he is constantly seeking
[Ambition] Same as previous.
[Other] He has no clue of human customs and society other than what he listens too sometimes when fishers or pirates come through (depends on the year and setting the RP is set as). Oh, and he doesn’t eat any seafood (duh), and will be a Carnitarian (since he would eat land meat) unless he chooses to be Vegetarian.

⋆ Appearance ⋆

[Height] 164cm
[Weight] 51kg
[Build] Thin, well built
[Hair] Long turquoise hair that ends at the beginning of his chest. The insides of his hair are pink in contrast to his outer blue hair, and it is often tied in a messy, low ponytail, in a dark blue hair-tie.
[Eyes] His eyes are particularly slanted into a form which implies he is tired, and has bright purple eyes.
[Skin] Warm Ivory, silky
[Style] Anything… anything. But he likes anything that has the colors of the sea and/or corals. He wears the typical blue suit (or even a school uniform depending on the plot); a blue blazer, white dress shirt, and black slacks, pants, and shoes.
[Other] He can change whatever he wants about his human appearance, unless he doesn’t imagine himself suiting it or if he is not motivated to do it. However, the usual ‘human’ form mostly is inspired by seeing people and wanting to have a jellyfish aesthetic. It also conforms to his personality quite a bit. He loves the beauty of women and the build of a man, so he somehow achieved a body that is male in every way but also rather feminine in the face and some other features. Anyhow, he sees many more men at sea, it’s his reference.
[Umibōzu Form] They are often a few meters to a few tens of meters in length, so they are seen as quite large, but there are also tales about relatively small ones. Many describe them as a giant's black bōzu head or a jellyfish-like shape; nothing but a giant shadow looking life form, sometimes hands are seen. imgur.com/itn7mkp
[More Images] imgur.com/a/R0SyvFG

⋆ Background Information ⋆

[Backstory] Umibōzu (海坊主, "sea priest") is a paranormal phenomena or yōkai from Japanese folklore. Other names include Umihōshi (海法師, "sea priest") or Uminyūdō (海入道, "sea priest"). Little is known of the origin of umibōzu but it is a sea-spirit and as such has multiple sightings throughout Japan. Normally, umibōzu appears to sailors on calm seas which quickly turn tumultuous. It either breaks the ship on emergence or demands a bucket or barrel from the sailors and proceeds to drown them. The only safe way to escape an umibōzu is to give it a bottomless barrel and sail away while it is confused.
[Relationships] To the sea, sea god, and its creatures; he has a good relationship with them all. Not very much with most humans. He dislikes and likes them only for curiosity’s sake. Oh, he knows other Umibōzu but tends to not interact unless they all are sinking a ship together.

⋆ Extra ⋆

[Skills/Abilities/Powers] Transformation (from Umibōzu to human form), and other powers to be revealed upon request or in story.
[Genre Options] Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Supernatural, Crime, Psychological, Gore, Adventure, Horror, Suspense, Romance, etc.
*Romance; this is an option to do, if we do end up adding romance, he is intended to be pansexual or demisexual.
*He can be an alien rather than a Umibōzu if requested, it's just a label
“Yee yee”
“Jellyfish are beautiful… don’t you think.”
“Hmmm, I’m confused… all the time… you humans have weird ways.”
“I’m a sea priest, I sink those who disrupt the rules of the rules…”
“I like this body, do you want to see?”
“You’re a woman? Ah… no wonder you are gorgeous.”
“Humans are interesting… i don’t like them though…”
“If you eat that fish I’ll kill you, yee~?”
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