Katherine Princeton

name: Katherine Jay Princeton
nicknames: J, or Kathy
alias: She refers to herself as J. Reason being she doesn't want other people to know her by her real name. It's J, short for Jesse. Jesse, short for Jessica.
age: 22
height: 5'8
hair: strawberry blond
"...she had hair like the color of fire when I first met her."
eyes: dark, and secretive but blue as silent water.
orientation: bisexual (95% Dominant)

works: as a waitress and as a butcher
face claim: Mackenzie Davis

song: maneater by Hall & Oats

Born in Australia, and when she turned 19 she moved out to Wisconsin to be as far away from her mother as possible. Even there, her mom can be very controlling and going as far as to find out who she is with and where to warn them about how psychotic she tends to be.

Katherine's biggest fear is being left alone and without someone to love her, she'd even go to the extremes to make someone love her whether they want to or not.

She has a very, terrible anger issue. Kathy gets angry at just about everything though she does a great deal not to show it at all in the beginning. She's the sort that wants to deceive people and have them believe she's one way when she's the other, and behind their back is likely concocting ideas of how to be more controlling of their life and to be a bigger part of it than what she may already be.

One could know her or have seen her and she tries to distant herself because she often knows what's she's in for and it likely has nothing more than to do with what she wants out of that person. Giving herself space allows for Katherine to think on her next move and when and how.

She goes to the extremes to keep someone around she deems interesting, especially when she sees something in them she's exceptionally drawn to. Either their charisma or sheer influence. She's the type to go over and beyond what you would normally expect out of her, and while your character is sleeping, she's busy thinking about the future she'd spend with your character "forever".

Love is a tool she's designed with her own hands and has a hard time using it appropriately. Katherine is controlling and manipulative, she is a snake that glides into someone's life as if she was already a part of their life and smiling at strangers with that knowing smile that explicitly says:

"He/She is mine and we've been together now from the start of time."

She will ruin your career.
She will threaten your existence.
She will try to have your children.
She will befriend your friends.
She will try to have your friends turn their back on you.
She will swear to love you for as long as you both shall live.
Until death do you part.

If someone is lucky enough to escape her, it'd take a hard plow to rid her off and there is no way to keep her eyes away from the things that special someone is doing throughout their day.

She knows where you've been, who you've spoken to.
What your social media looks like.
She is smarter than one might think or even consider.
Nevertheless, she's a charmer. Soft and sweet, seductive and shy. She is the sort that flies under the radar and that's exactly what is good on her part.

And when she loves someone. It's the sort of love that will last forever or it's their heart she will sever.

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