〖 anthony kravitz 〗

Name: Anthony Scott
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual, no lean
Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them
Height: 5'11

Role: Medics
Stereotype: Punk/Rocker, Alternative
Personality: He's reserved, political, and independent. He's a bit opportunistic, but always is thinking about others and how he can help others (as a collective). He doesn't know how to properly express his emotions, so he often ignores them- becoming emotionally unavailable to himself. Though he's always thinking about others, because of his "stoic nature" he can appear apathetic, and other people expressing extreme emotions around him can make him uncomfortable.

Background: A simple overview, not everything is included, more will be revealed during rp- Anthony was born into an abusive, lower-class family. He was the oldest of four, and as the oldest, his parents told him that it was his job to make sure to protect them, and he did. When the kids would bully his younger siblings at the playground, school, or wherever- Anthony would come rushing in to help them. His ways of helping them weren't always the best, usually leaving him in trouble. From a result of the abusive he has received as a child, most of his life (if not all) he has been struggling with depression. Another effect of this abuse, was him developing a goal to have a big family, for the purpose of giving his kids a childhood better than his own. As an early teen, he started to develop an almost communist, definite anti-capitalist, ideology due hanging around a few key people who he surrounded himself with- as a child, he has always been 'left', but as a teenager, he started developing more "radical" views. At this point in his life, his ideology remains almost the same, and instead of protecting his siblings, he works forth an effort to help others as a Medic.

Likes: Reading, Sweets (chocolate chip cookies remain a favorite of his), Protecting others, flowers
Dislikes: Overly controlling people, Dogs, Cats, being vulnerable, being restricted,
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