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°Don’t let others convince you that the idea is good when your gut tells you it’s bad.°

Once the most appreciated, highly respected, influential businessmen : now laying down on the floor and trying to survive. Before the big sharks swimming in the oceans, without fear, no one could endanger them: now just a little fishes locked in the little aquarium. Everyone wanted to get a chance and come back like a Phoenix but only the luckiest was chosen. Ryan Francis Caldwell, fortunately: was one of those who survived the market crash. Not because he was somehow special, his rules were sick, his head really cruel and like a lonely wolf he preferred to do business alone, without partners, or victims. Like a little gold fish he worked with few very important people , until he felt big enough and he could stand straight without support. His partners were close friends and he would not betray them . Even now, when almost all of them were down on the ground, ready to collect and accept the smallest crumbs. Talking about almost all of them : well, like a lucky motherf***er Ryan survived and he could get more than before. What a lucky bastard . . .

Many years ago, it was a madman Jeffrey Caldwell who decided to get as much money as possible. He understood the black liquid hidden underground was the key. People around him tapped on their forehead because his plans were so unimaginable. Like: how can you earn anything if all you can offer is...oil? That poor man was poor, all he had was a horse out of the condition and a wagon which could carry only few gallons. A part of this special ,,premium box,, was one warehouse too. No material support, without money, without support and an absolute lunatic in the eyes of his friends and people. His dreams and plans were much stronger and as Ryan´s father used to say :" Be proud of your blood, son. There is oil circulating in your veins. Do not let other people destroy what the Caldwell dynasty achieved." That´s what he got from his father. That´s what his father heard from his father and his father from his father. That´s how it was working. You were born into the world and you had to find the way how to be a better businessman than your father. Several years passed away and the youngest Caldwell , now 37 years old man, was ready to follow the family creed. As long as he was alive

Outside it was everything but a perfect weather. Well, he liked the storm because Ryan could enjoy to be alone in the office: just him and the clouds full of the nicotine, perfect cold whiskey in front of him and some quiet music filling the room. The society was really curious because he was not the youngest and he was single, without potential heir and the emperor couldn't live forever. Before when his ,,daddy,, was alive he tried to find the right one who could be the other half of his son. Unfortunately: Ryan´s blood was too hot, his patience was ZERO , his mouth rude and his manners: well, the princess could not survive. That´s why he decided to be like a ghost hidden in the shadows. Always dressed in the black clothes and his face never without facial hair. In someone´s eyes he was a typical unpredictable redneck who was waiting for the opportunity. Nobody was safe if he was around. Once a little fish became a big shark and only the strongest, really brave people, could work with him, or for him. Just like Alice. "Mr. Caldwell, i should remain you in couple of hours the first guest will come here. Personally, I checked all details which could be important. The security question is solved too, sir. The event will be without full armed men and we decided to do it like a distinguish humans: they will be a part of the guests but always ready to help you. " Someone has a man like the main security, Ryan decided to have a woman on this role. Why? Well, a woman was always difficult to read and her instincts were irreplaceable. A woman could read the situations before sh*ts fell down and it kept you safe and sound. You could not get her drunk, she was always loyal and if she really loved her job: she would give all her heart to it. Being a respected employee in the Caldwell oil refinery: you won the jackpot!

Quiet jams continued to fill the room and the armchair was turned so a tiny woman could not see the boss. Only a loyal mastiff beside him an innocent, soft cloud coming up because of cigar between his fingers. "And i almost forgot: Mr Archer accepted your offer. His wife will come tonight so we do not have to fill ,,another one night stand role,,. " She shrugged. Even the biggest shark was just a man after all. His urges in combination with SINGLE status : he had to deal with them. First sigh told you he was everting but a romantic soul . He was not a man who would sing a serenade under your window. He was not a man who knew how to respect a woman and see her like a possible partner. Ryan was raised up like an alpha and what was the worst thing: women around him got the jelly knees whenever he was around. He did not give them one single reason why they could see themself to be Mrs. Caldwell. He was always cold, sarcastic and if he wanted to f*** you: he told you. Animal, bloodthirsty bastard who was looking for targets he could use and like a vampire : once the job was done, he disappeared. That´s how he was working, but when Alice said that special name, Ryan turned with the piece of the furniture so he could see Alice´s face. "Mrs. Archer is not one of them, Alice" cold voice, manly and in combination with his serious face, normal woman would run away. "Mrs. Archer is well respected woman, and a wife of my close friend. Thank you for what you have done, leave my clothes on the table and .... bon voyage!" Alice knew him and she knew what to expect. Softly, dark haired woman nodded and gently she obeyed. Elegantly clothes landed on the desk as he said and without one word she left the room. She knew the rules, she knew them really good . . . .

Rule number one: do not ask too many question.
Rule number two: do not ask ANYTHING !
Rule number three: rule number one and rule number two are always respected.

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