“You cursed my soul… now my mind is dead.”



The Cursed Gorgon
Former Priestess Of Athena

AGE: Unknown

BIRTHDAY: October 31st, 1808

ORIENTATION: Demisexual (She falls in love when she does, no specific gender)

SPCIES: Grogon

OCCUPATION: Guardian of her own temple



HEIGHT: 5’ 5”

WEIGHT: 140 lbs (165cm)

EYE COLOUR: Her Scleras are either yellow, black or white, and her irises red or green.

HAIR: Her beautiful dark hair has been replaced with snakes, green snakes who will stop at nothing to protect their host.


PERSONALITY: Medusa was known as one of the most kind, loyal person, and took her role as Athena’s priestess seriously. For a long time, Medusa has found difficulty reconciling with her new identity, but eventually comes to embrace her role and begins to take her vengeance on men as this is one of the only ways that she can attempt to get even with Poseidon.

Her kind, generous nature fades by day as more men, hunters, come to disrespect her existence, causing her to become more vengeful towards mankind—or humankind in general.

She is distrusting, meaning that gaining her trust is going to be more than a challenge, especially after what Poseidon had done to her—that includes the hunters who are still trying to bring her harm.

Originally, Medusa is very sweet, considerate and compassionate, but only to those who will return her the same favor.


MEDUSA'S HISTORY: Medusa, the woman with snakes in place of hair, is probably one of the most well-known creatures in Greek Mythology. However, she was not always like this.

Daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, two primordial deities of the sea. Medusa was born with incredible beauty and snatched the gaze of many. Yet despite her seductive appearance, Medusa was chaste and pure. And because she admired the Goddess Athena, she decided to become priestess of the temple dedicated to Athena.

Virginity and chastity were indispensable requirements for the position, and Medusa was a perfect priestess, perhaps too perfect even. Because she was so beautiful, the number of visitors who went to the temple just to admire her grew everyday. This made the Goddess Athena very jealous. For having the most beautiful hair of all Greece, a citizen dared to say that her hair would be much prettier than the hair of Goddess Athena, although hurt and enraged, Athena did not take revenge.

Nevertheless, one day when the shore was near, Medusa was spotted by Poseidon, god of the Seas. He fell in love with the girl right away, yet she resisted the constant flirtations from the God. Poseidon had a personal feud with Goddess Athena, and so owning her priestess became an obsession. Tired of being rejected, the God decides to possess her by force. Desperate, Medusa runs into the temple of Athena in pursuit of protection.

Poseidon enters the temple behind her, grabs the young woman and takes advantage of her on the floor in front of the Goddess Statue. After the violence ended, the Goddess was enraged, and decided to transform her priestess into a Gorgon, for the Goddess to punish Poseidon was out of the question, since she considered that his act was of the male entity's nature.

Athena cursed the young woman, turning her beautiful hair into snakes, and from this day forward, anyone who dares to turn an eye to her beauty will have their gaze thrown back at them, turning them into stone.

Medusa was now chased by warriors who wished for her head as a trophy, but were all turned into stone. The Hero Perseus was finally able to decapitate the creature, but this becomes irrelevant to her Roleplay story, since she will still alive.

As sad as this is, people see Athena’s curse as a gift, as Medusa will no longer be used by other males and will finally be able to protect herself; everytime a man turns an eye to her beauty will have their inappropriate gaze thrown back at them, instantly turning them into stone. Her character is used as an emblem on shelters at the time, for women who have been raped or abused by men. Medusa is known as a symbol of Female Power.


Medusa can be Roleplayed through the Modern days or old days, depending on which year the RP partner wants to pick. Her history will remain the same, and I won't change her for any genre.

This Medusa is inspired by the second Myth and I wish to keep it that way. Thank you for reading.
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