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; for purposes of this roleplay, all events have been modernized to between the 2000s and now. I did not write this, these are not my words, however I fixed dates and names in order to fit the character I am establishing into this century. Damon does not have a daughter here. Any photos posted of her would be considered to be her niece, thank you! ;;


Damon Albarn, (born March 23, 1994, Whitechapel, London, England), English musician who found fame as the front man for the rock band Blur and as the main creative force behind the pop group Gorillaz but was also noted for his eclectic output as a composer, producer, and collaborator.

Albarn, whose parents were involved in London’s creative counterculture, spent his early years in the East End before moving with his family to Colchester, Essex. As a youth he learned to play the violin and the piano, and in secondary school he befriended Graham Coxon, with whom he soon began to write and perform songs.

Following a brief stint in drama school, Albarn formed a rock band that eventually became known as Blur. With Albarn as lead vocalist and principal songwriter, the group—which also included Coxon (guitar), Alex James (bass), and Dave Rowntree (drums)—issued its debut album, Leisure. Having established itself as clever observers of everyday British life, in the tradition of the Kinks and the Small Faces, on Modern Life Is Rubbish, Blur achieved a critical and commercial breakthrough with Parklife, a winning collection of pop songs in that vein. Blur was a chief exemplar, along with fellow melodic-rock revivalists Oasis, of what was called Britpop, and a frenzied media-fueled rivalry emerged between the two bands. Partially in response, Albarn and company shifted course after The Great Escape, and returned with Blur , a garage-rock-indebted record that expanded their American audience, and the stylistically varied 13.

;; this is the point where I do write ;;


Damon considers himself to be a kindled spirit with a warm heart. He adores the limelight, however as he gets older he becomes more content with letting himself fade into the back. He does and will continue to create and produce for the time being, but no longer focuses his efforts on heavy promotion as he did before. He is still incredibly proud of him and his band, and often he talks about them and his love for them individually. As rowdy as his stage persona is, it diminishes in his day to day life. He's far more quiet relies on long pauses. He's awkward, but sincere.

Damon suffers from anxiety, and those will become apparent. ( However, those topics will be handled as appropriately as possible). He bites his nails and pulls his ear when he is upset or nervous and has a difficult time changing his expressions if he is trying to hide an emotion.

He also has Narcolepsy, struggling to find a healthy cope with his sleep and wake cycles. Often you'll see him up at the crack of dawn from the night before, or fail to hear from him because he over-exhausts his body.

he is an optimist, or a realist, and often unknowingly buries himself with his words.

trivia ;; canon = true irl, other means I made it up ''

- amongst english, damon also knows: french, spanish, and german. CANON.
- obsessed with pepsi.
- left handed, but plays guitar with his right hand. CANON.
- Primarily lives in London, owns a small studio in Portland.

here Is a link to an interview. click and follow if you are interested in hearing his voice and or getting a visual aid to how his mannerisms are.

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