Though there won't be many rules for my account I will just put out the basics.

1. I will NOT tolerate drama or callouts of any kind. RP is meant to be an escape and to explore storytelling. Unless the person is truly problematic i.e homo/transphobic, actually a pedophile, or threatening someone there is no need to cause drama over fiction and writing.

2. I will block those who are racist, homophobic, etc. I get enough of that irl and I don't need it here.

3. I will not RP with minors. Due to problems in the past on another website I will no longer RP with anyone under the age of 18.

4. Smut and ships are earned. Please do not try to force anything onto me. It kills muse and just makes interactions awkward.

5. Have fun! I'm a very kind person and actually shy but I am always down to plot, random interactions, and just to chat.
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2 | May 22nd 2020 21:33