Dossier: A Bird of Prey.

Case number: #87081947.

Name: Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary.

Notable aliases: Laurel Lance. Dinah Lance. Black Siren+ (formerly)

Nicknames: Laur. Pretty Bird. Birdie. Canary.

Age: 34.

Birthplace: Star City, Earth 2 (formerly)

Current residence: Star City, Earth Prime.

Species: Meta-human.

Ethnicity: American.

Sexual orientation: Bisexual, heavy female lean.

Marital status: Single. Widowed (Erased timeline)

Alignment: Lawful neutral.

Occupation: Vigilante (in secret). D.A. Villain (Formerly)


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Father: Quentin Lance.+

Mother: Dinah Lance.+

Sister: Sara Lance.+

Husband: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Regime universe). (Deceased, from erased timeline)*

Husband: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Alternate universe). (From erased timeline)*

Son: Connor Lance-Queen. (From erased timeline)*

*Indicates that these people are from the Injustice games/comics.

+Indicates the characters from the Arrowverse.


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>> After saying her farewells to Felicity Smoak and taking Earth-1 Laurel's Black Canary costume, Laurel had stepped through the portal hoping to return to the Earth that had turned her into a monster.

However, due to a wrinkle in the fabric of time, Laurel was transported to another realm, another timeline in which the world was drowning in chaos. She'd lost all her memories from Earth-1 and Earth-2, and somehow acquired her doppelgangers.

In this timeline the Black Canary went by Dinah Laurel Lance, was married to an alternate version of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (her first husband was the Oliver Queen/Green Arrow of her universe before he died by the hands of the tyrannical Superman) as well as the mother of Connor Lance-Queen.

She spent the next three years raising Connor alongside Oliver, before being summoned back to her own universe by Batman and the Insurgency to help stop a new faction called the Society as well as trying to take down Brainiac and the Regime who were wanting to restore Superman's rule.

When Supergirl joined the Insurgency, and Batman stripped Superman of all his powers via Golden Kryptonite before sending him to the Phantom Zone, Dinah rejected the offer to return to the Justice League and instead opted to return to the parallel universe she called home.

It was as if time had finally corrected their mistake the second she walked through the portal. Instead of stepping into the home she shared with her husband and their son, she ended up on Earth-2 with her memories of being Dinah still intact.

Quickly mourning the loss of Oliver once more and quietly grieving for the son she'll never have, Laurel placed her focus into cleaning up Star City, ridding it off any forms of crime.

She'd thought perhaps things could quieten down for now, but instead she found herself being taken away from Earth-2 and placed on Earth-1 due to the crisis with the Anti-Monitor.

When Oliver Queen of Earth-1 restarted the multiverse and placed all the previous earth's occupants on Earth-Prime, Laurel finally found some sort of peace.
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